Musical Talent, Entrepreneurship and Salvadoran Diplomacy in Maryland


On Saturday 17, at the Wheaton Town Center, part of the Salvadoran Community gathered to participate in the event organized by the Consulate General of El Salvador, called “Promotion for investment and development of tourism in El Salvador.” It was commendable to witness the enthusiasm of those present to learn about and take advantage of the investment plans, support and advice offered by various entities of the Salvadoran State. And at the end there was a cultural moment.

Joy is always the best way to end events like the one mentioned. And the jovial and festive touch was in charge of the revelation in urban music, the Salvadoran ALBY J., who entertained the public interpreting the melody “SEGUIR VIVIENDO” whose lyrics are infused with positivism and a colossal hope for a better tomorrow, where love will reign The song has been written, for the most part, by the well-known Salvadoran businesswoman Dora Escobar.

The presentation was accompanied by a fabulous video, where Dora Escobar personalizes her authorship by being the protagonist of the setting and introduction of the theme itself. The piece says at the beginning: «Tomorrow is uncertain, Oh Oh/ Now is the time, Oh Oh/ to truly embrace/ to truly love and speak the truth/ because times have changed Oh/ freedom has vanished / and now we have to live with caution / and very carefully.”

And the chorus, with a certain gibberish, is repeated twice in the presentation: «I want to continue living and breathing/ the pure air like yesterday;/ and I want to hear the little birds singing, / every day at every dawn, / I want to see the joy of the children/ young people and grandparents/ in the world enjoy / and express how much I love them Oh/ to be able to hug them.”

And among verses that evoke reflection, revaluation, love and respect, they stand out: «It’s time to learn to live without judging each other/ let’s shake hands eh! And let’s take care of each other’s backs as a true brother / this goes for the whole world / here there is no race or color / equality comes first.» Dora Escobar comments: they were born in my soul during the days of confinement in the Pandemic.

“Dorita Escobar”, as ALBY J. calls her, explains that she has always worked hard and has taken pains to do good among the Salvadoran and even Central American Community, but in the days of mandatory quarantine, she realized that the priority is the family, values, the willingness to be happy and to live and share with loved ones. And so she wrote the song and then she called ALBY J., because she knows her talent and asked him to write the music and bring her talent and creativity. A beautiful video came out of this synergy.

The message is clear, emphasizes the author: do good, whenever you can and radiate peace and light around you. She also expressed her gratitude to urban music singer ALBY J, who has studied music for three years and besides being a performer, she also writes her own music. The video that fuses the talent of Dora Escobar and the interpreter can be enjoyed at the following address:

From this cultural forum, where we promote talent expressed in different artistic branches, we congratulate the businesswoman Dora Escobar, who has made time and resumed her inspiration to send and socialize a message of hope, in moments as urgent as these. And we wish many successes in her emerging artistic career to ALBY J., who can be found on the different digital platforms.

Writer of the Salvadoran Diaspora in the USA and Master in Hispano-American Literature.

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