Murder trial of Thomas Sankara resumes in Burkina Faso | News

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The Military Prosecutor's Office of Burkina Faso resumed this Friday the trial about the assassination of President Thomas Sankara (1983-1987), while assuring that "no detainee was released" during last Monday's coup d'état, thereby denying rumors about the definitive interruption of the process and the alleged release of the main person implicated, General Gilbert Diendéré.


Coup plotters announce roadmap to normality in Burkina Faso

Diendéré, the former chief of staff to Blaise Compaoré, who installed a dictatorship in 1987, is the main defendant in the Thomas Sankara murder trial. Although the hearings have been interrupted, the military justice announced in a press release that the hearings will resume on January 31.

This Thursday, from the presidential palace, the country's new leader, Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, addressed the nation. Among other matters, he denied having released Dindéré.

Both Sandaogo Damiba and the Prosecutor's Office denied interrupting the trial and assured that General Gilbert Diendéré continues to be held in the Armed Forces Detention and Correction Center, located in the military unit where the coup began.

General Diendéré is accused of being one of the intellectual authors of the October 15, 1987 coup, in which the father of the Burkinabe revolution, Captain Noël Isidore Thomas Sankara, was assassinated along with more than 12 of his collaborators.

The trial will begin on Monday the pleadings phase and it will be the lawyers for the civil party who will first have the floor. A total of 14 people are charged in this emblematic case, including the former president of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré, ousted from power at the end of October 2014 by a popular uprising.

In November 2021, Gilbert Diendéré denied any involvement in the murder of Thomas Sankara. At the hearing, he declared himself "not guilty" and even a victim.

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