Murder of Luz Raquel should provoke an exercise in social reflection: Enrique Alfaro


Jalisco.- During the morning conference of the President of Mexico, the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, asserted that the murder of Luz Raquel, who had the necessary protection measures in these cases, evidences a problem of social decomposition, which requires to a reflection of the whole society for the brutality of the act.

“We are in a social circumstance that would force us all to reflect. We are talking about a brutal act, not all the measures that the government at any level may have are sufficient when there is the determination to commit such a heinous act,” said Alfaro Ramírez.

The president said, without minimizing the facts and condemning them, that Luz Raquel had protection measures in force, as well as surveillance by the Zapopan municipal police, and that the investigations by the State Prosecutor’s Office will not stop until they find the responsible.

“You have to exhaust the investigation, help the family and find those responsible and reflect as a society because it seems to me that it would be a wrong conclusion to simply think that this is only a problem of action by the authority, it is a problem that shows a social decomposition brutal and it is necessary to do an exercise of reflection”, he added.

He added that the measures that were taken are those established by the protection protocol and that a person is currently detained, of whom, so far, there is no certainty of his material participation in the events.

With information from the Government of Jalisco

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