Murder of African-American woman causes controversy in Florida

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In case of a woman who is not detained although she allegedly shot her neighbor that he had claimed the Ipad of one of his children has sparked controversy and calls for "justice" among the African-American community from Ocala, to which the victim belonged.

Ajike “AJ” Owens, 35, was shot last Friday while standing outside her neighbor's door in a housing complex in Ocala, north of Orlando.

The alleged shooter who killed Owens has not been identified. but media in the area reported that it is a woman with whom the victim had several altercations previously and that He is supposedly white, although his data has not been officially given.

The alleged perpetrator of the shot is not in custody for now, as confirmed by the authorities.

Sheriff Billy Woods, of Marion County (central Florida) indicated that once the investigation of the facts is concluded, they will present the results to the district attorney general to decide if an arrest warrant is issued and charges are filed.

Owens' children, who witnessed their mother's death, will be interviewed by "professionals" starting next Monday, according to the local media outlet Ocala StarBanner on Tuesday.

Wood mentioned in the press conference on the case the controversial Florida law "Stand Your Ground" (literally "Stay where you are"), which allows a person who considers that he is at risk of death or serious physical harm to use "deadly force" instead of fleeing the scene.

The Ocala StarBanner noted that, according to lawyers for the victim's family, Owens' four children were playing in a field when the neighbor insulted them and ordered them off her property.

The children left but they forgot an iPad, which was taken by the neighbor.

When one of the children returned for the electronic device, the woman hit it and broke the screen of the iPad by throwing it away, family members said.

Owens found out about the incident and went to the woman's residence to find out what happened and was shot. In return.

The well-known civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, who led the legal team for the family of George Floyd, the African-American murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis in 2020, criticized on Twitter that the woman who shot Owens had not been arrested.

“The unidentified female, who allegedly shot our client through the door, HAS NOT been arrested or charged with anything by law enforcement for the wrongful murder,” Crump wrote.

According to the Ocala StarBanner, following Owens' death, more than 250 people gathered at New St. John Missionary Baptist Church, where they "demanded justice."

This Monday a vigil was held at the scene to request the same.

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