Muñoz Ledo a democrat who never gave up

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Fernando A. Mora Guillen.

Murder of a journalist a fight against the Powers That Be.

Sergio Pérez's pothole.

Muñoz Ledo a democrat who never gave up.

Throughout the last two decades I have participated in different efforts by the journalistic union to raise their voices to point out the attacks on journalists and communicators.

Last week, Luis Martín Sánchez Iñiguez, correspondent for La Jornada in Nayarit, was kidnapped and killed; In addition to this murder, three journalists were kidnapped this weekend, and the authorities show little interest in the matter.

Our country has been pointed out year after year in the last decade, as the most dangerous country in the region for the journalistic exercise; Needless to say, they will equip us with countries at war like Ukraine. From this rostrum we have pointed out the need for the Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists to be a preventive body that implements actions as soon as there is a threat against Journalists, Communicators and the Media. Not like to date it happens that it activates its protocols, once an attack against journalists is registered.

Last Monday, a hundred journalists met at the Ministry of the Interior, demanding actions from the federal authorities before allowing the state and municipal governments to pass. The legal framework of our profession has been pending in the Congress of the Union since 2017 and the last two legislatures have failed to establish a Special Commission to follow up on attacks and attacks against journalists and communicators. We will not tire of raising our voices and demanding concrete actions that safeguard journalists and communicators.

Take it carefully.- Throughout the last three years, the Mexican driver Sergio Pérez has managed to raise the name of our country in the world circuits of Formula One. As Pedro and Ricardo Rodriguez did in the Last Century , Sergio, Checo Pérez has managed to generate interest from the Mexican fans, who without much knowledge have been creating high expectations around the young driver. He undoubtedly managed to climb the circuits and earned a place in the Red Bull Team; today without considering what has been achieved in the last three seasons that should serve as a parameter, greater commitment is demanded from Sergio Pérez, who despairs and feels pressured, when in reality he has reached an unprecedented level in modern times.

Checo does not give for more than four or five podiums per season; However, for many, he is going through a "pothole" that has prevented him from having more victories. Nothing more detached from reality. Sergio Pérez has achieved a lot, there are no boycotts or ill will, it is easy to analyze the last few seasons, and be aware that this is the level of our driver, which is already a great achievement.

Take it with Interest.- Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, a brilliant lawyer and politician who fought to consolidate a democratic system for his Mexico, died last Sunday.

Muñoz Ledo knew how to evolve lucidly but without passion or losing perspective, not giving up, and fighting for an opening that would include all ideologies and political forces in our democratic system. A great loss that leaves a broad legacy that should serve as guides for many leaders, who will have to fight forward to consolidate Mexican Democracy. Rest in Peace Porfirio Muñoz Ledo.


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*Master in Institutional Communication from the Universidad Panamericana.

*Founding Member of the National College of Graduates in Journalism.

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