Multiple sclerosis, the disease of the neurons

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According to official data, In Mexico there are around 20 thousand multiple sclerosis patients and for every man there are three women who suffer from it, however, the specialist in Clinical Neurology, Sara Millanexplained that, until now, the factors that lead to this statistical data are unknown.

During his presentation at the Imagen Televisión's Sale el Sol program, Millán detailed the causes that originate the multiple sclerosiswhich is why he pointed out that it is a demyelinating disease, which wears down the protective layer of neurons known as myelin, which generates failures in the transmission of information and, in this way, causes the symptoms of the disease.

Millán added that It is an autoimmune neurological diseasewhich attacks the immune system that generates different clinical manifestations, which will depend on where the failures are located, which can cause problems with vision, speech and language, mobility, and muscle weakness, although not all patients can present the same symptoms. same manifestations of the disease.

Depending on where the neuronal damage occurs, it will be the clinical manifestation that the patient presents,” said the neurologist.

Diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

In that sense, he mentioned that The diversity of clinical manifestations generates delays in diagnosis, Therefore, he recommended seeing a neurologist in the face of inexplicable symptoms that the disease may generate.

Although it is not a curable disease, Sara Millán highlighted the importance of having a timely diagnosis so that the patient's treatment is effective, and with this, a better quality of life is provided.

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