Mr. Peet faces controversy: why is the former member of 'The Great Celebrity Chef' accused of machismo?

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Panelists from A Presión referred to Venezuelan women in Peru.

Mr. Peetwhose real name is Peter Arevalowon the hearts of Peruvians with his participation in the second season of 'The Great Celebrity Chef'. However, in the last few hours the sports commentator is being "cancelled" for a series of unfortunate comments that he issued on the program 'Under Pressure'.

The public's discomfort has been so great that the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations issued a statement to condemn the expressions of the former narrator of 'This is war'and his companions Gonzalo Nunez, Bruno Cavassa, Carlos Galvan and Marko Ciurlizzawho were also accused of sexism and xenophobia.

“The MIMP strongly rejects the sexist and discriminatory expressions from a group of commentators from the program 'A Presión'. These comments, denigrating against women and openly xenophobic, have nothing to do with sport, and are unacceptable. Not only are they offensive against women, they also promote violence against them and reduce them to the category of sexual objects lacking dignity,” the letter reads.

The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations spoke out against the discriminatory phrases of A Presión.
The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations spoke out against the discriminatory phrases of A Presión.

Prior to the sporting match between Peru vs. Venezuela for the sixth date of the South American Qualifiers, Carlos Galvan read an unfortunate comment sent by one of the subscribers: “If Venezuela wins, will the chamas raise or lower their prices?”, in clear reference to women of said nationality who practice prostitution.

This caused Mr. Peet It would be expressed in the worst way:

“How is it going to go up? What will it be, it has been maintained for the last three years and they have the same price. It keeps. It has been at 50 lucas for three years and will continue at 50 lucas. In Risso one and a half ferro, and that's it. In Zepita they are 50 lucas.”

Mr. Peet apologized for his sexist comments on the program 'A Presión'. Composition Infobae Peru
Mr. Peet apologized for his sexist comments on the program 'A Presión'. Composition Infobae Peru

In the last broadcast of 'Under Pressure', Mr. Peet He began the program by acknowledging that he made a mistake by expressing himself in that way and apologized to the entire Venezuelan community in Peru, mainly to the female audience.

“I, as the face of the show, assume that a prank made by the public got out of control. It was a poorly made joke, in poor taste. I show my face. I have to accept and assume that we have fallen into excess, I am not going to compromise my colleagues because I am the driver. Personally and corporately, I offer a thousand apologies to all those who felt offended.. If there is something that I have, it is respect for women because I come from one. This was not with a bad intention, it was taken out of context and that's where the problem comes from,” she said.

One more time, Mr. Peet He denied being a sexist or xenophobic person. “People who know me know what I'm talking about. I accept all comments because one has to assume. A hug for all my Venezuelan friends who work around the world. I repeat, a thousand apologies,” she added.

Peter Arévalo (Mr. Peet) speaks out against the sexist comments spread in one of the broadcasts of the program 'A Pressure'. | YouTube / Under Pressure

Regarding the statement of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populationsthe former figure of Latin TV He said: “I respect the authorities a lot, but they probably haven't seen what the issue was like. “They have acted according to media pressure.”

“Today it is very easy to go with the wave, now artists and activists come out who in other serious cases did not. There is a serious case that happened over the weekend, very serious, and they didn't say or write anything. But Now it is very easy to act with the wave, they all get on. But that's it, it was something that got out of control, okay? "I apologize because we have to recognize when we are wrong," he said. Mr. Peet and then concentrate on football.

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