MPs demand Iran not back down on nuclear deal | News


A total of 250 Iranian parliamentarians issued a statement on Sunday in which they demanded that the government of Ebrahim Raisi not back down from the nuclear deal in the face of demands from the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.


Iran says agreement in Vienna must guarantee Iranian interests

“We must learn from the past and establish the interest of the Iranian nation as a red line, and not commit to any agreement unless the necessary guarantees have been received” so that they do not withdraw from the agreement with Iran again, the letter said.

The parliamentarians warned that these countries have not fulfilled any of their commitments in recent years and have exerted pressure to harm the interests of the people of Iran.

The legislators also denounced that on various occasions these nations have violated international laws, by depriving Iran of access to resources, and some basics such as health products such as medicines.

The deputies have stressed that the United States and the European states that have signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (PIAC or JCPOA) agreement must eliminate said sanctions that they have imposed under various pretexts, such as nuclear activities, development of missiles and violation of human rights.

Local media have stated that Iran, under Article 7 of the Strategic Action law passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran (Mayles), would reverse the reduction in its nuclear compliance when the US lifts the embargo.

Iran, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Russia since April 2021 have held eight rounds of negotiations in Vienna, Austria, to revive the nuclear agreement signed in 2015, from which the United States withdrew in 2018.

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