Motorcyclist miraculously survives after crashing into a truck and being hit by a trailer

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Riding on streets and highways on a motorcycle could already be considered a high-risk activity, and there are plenty of examples in which terrible accidents on board this type of vehicles They are the order of the day with regrettable consequences.

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In social networks A video circulates that shows the dramatic moment in which a motorcyclist, who is traveling at excess speed by a Florida Highway in the United Statescrashes into a truck, causing the man to lose consciousness.

In the clip you can see how the motorcyclist remains unconscious, but he remains seated on the motorcycle, that's when suddenly, next to him, A trailer appears, which ends up hitting him without anyone being able to do anything about it.

According to the “Street Demon” Instagram account, the accident occurred last July, although it began to be shared recently, causing all kinds of reactions to the tragic way in which everything happens.

It turned out that the man, despite the accident, managed to survivealthough with various fractures, in addition to a collapsed lung.

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The motorcyclist claimed to have been responsible for the incident. and he promised that he will soon return to his old ways.

“My accident about 4 months ago. I call it an accident, but it was clearly my fault. Too much confidence for too little skill. Fortunately he came out alive, and I didn't lose any limbs. Over 20 fractures to my face, broke my arm in half in two different places, collapsed lung, broken rib, two fractured spinal discs. Someday I will ride again, but not like I used to. Riding like I did was a lot of fun, but I want to have fun for a long time,” declared the motorcyclist on his social networks.

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