motherhood by decision, not romanticization

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Since Katina Medina Mora was devising Beather new film, in which she addresses motherhood from multiple perspectives, the director knew that there was only one actress she wanted to work with: Marina de Tavira.

The director has collaborated with great actresses, both national and international, but in her view, only one met the demands of her script.

"Marina is the best actress of her generation, there is nothing more, she was so sure that she was the one who had to do this that I was left thinking 'if she can't (play the character), who is going to do it?' Marina was perfect for this because of her way of playing vulnerable and strong characters.

“She is also super professional, she was always quiet and focused on the set, we told her: The Queenbecause he was always in character and treating the crew with impressive respect, which is not common,” Mora highlighted.

The director also shared that she had already worked closely with De Tavira on another project that they recorded for a few days, but that she didn't get up afterwards, so she was waiting for her collaboration to come to fruition.

Her new feature film, which brought her to appear for the first time at the Morelia Film Festival as a director, follows the story of two women who face motherhood from completely opposite poles: one with a deep desire to be a mother after multiple failed attempts. and the other, from a cursed place in which, being just a teenager, the role only means the end of her dreams.

Presenting these two perspectives was important for the filmmaker, who seeks to break all the taboos surrounding motherhood, such as that a woman is only consecrated as such when she conceives or that the bond of a mother can only occur through blood ties.

“(The film) starts from a moral dilemma, because I wanted to be a mother, but I understood that it was because it is what they told me all my life, but this role has stopped being romanticized as the best thing that can happen to you and I think it is very important, because there is this other part, like in adolescent mothers, adults and especially when parenthood is not present, where being a mother is not an easy thing, and it seemed important to me to remove this veil so that women can really decide from a real place.

“For me, it was a process that I understood when I was 40, but that I would have liked to know when I was 30. I spoke with many women and friends who spoke to me with total honesty about things that they cannot tell anyone about being mothers: being exhausted, the fact that it is not what they were told it was, the postpartum depression, the fact that it is very difficult to work and have a child, so it seemed important to me to address everything, especially for the new generations, so that they know that there are chosen motherhoods and that “We can choose about our lives,” Medina highlighted at a press conference.

In the plot, De Tavira plays Leonor, a 45-year-old woman who desperately wants to become a mother, however, her body does not respond to treatments.

When circumstances lead her to Emilia, a pregnant teenager, whose dreams are shaken by the event, both seem to be the solution to their problems, entering the process together, one that will open many more aspects about what it means to address this place in society. .

“It was very interesting to learn about the process experienced by a woman who is trying to get pregnant and failing again and again, it was far from the personal experience that I had had and it was a whole world of what motherhood means from that place, and I built it through testimonies and literature and it was very shocking to know that there are many women who go through this, and most of them live it in silence and, sometimes, without their partner.

“It was very interesting to realize all these other places of motherhood, because through my characters and acting is my way of getting to know the world, then, the universe expanded and I hope it will also do so for the viewer and our capacity for empathy,” De Tavira highlighted.

Heartbeats yesterday he had his presentation with Lost in the night, I'm not going to ask anyone to believe meamong others that were projected.

To know

  • The film also stars Camila Calónico, Clementina Guadarrama, Teresita Sánchez, Daniela Schmidt and Mercedes Hernández, among others.
  • Produced by Inna Payán and photographed by Nur Rubio Sherwell.
  • Beat It plans its distribution with a run in movie theaters and later enter streaming platforms for greater reach.

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