Mother saves her 5-year-old son from the clutches of a cougar in California

Species like the Pumas get to deviate from their path and end up in the cities.

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A mother became a hero after save his little son from the clutches of a cougar cub who attacked him while they were out for a walk.

The five-year-old Jack was hiking with his mother and grandparents through a mountainous area of San Mateo County, California on January 31, when he was ahead of the group by one minute and scared a cougar cub who started attacking him.

When he discovered the minor alone in the forest, the little cougar sneaked up and began to smash Jack's head with its sharp legs.

According to the family, when they noticed that their son was being attacked, her mother, Suzie Trexler, hurried over to shoo the feline away and carry Jack down the hill.

“My sweet five-year-old nephew, Jack, was attacked by a mountain lion at sunset on 1/31/23 while walking near his family's farm in Half Moon Bay, California. The puma chose the wrong child and the wrong mother to mess with. Jack and his mother bravely fought off the attack, but he sustained some battle injuries in the process," Amie Wagner, Jack's aunt, wrote in a GoFundMe post.

Once released from the cougar cub, Jack was rushed to a hospital. nearby, where he was treated by lacerations to the face, as well as a fracture near the eye and many other cuts and scratches all over the body. It is reported that Jack has already been released from the hospital and is recovering well at home.

“Jack has a lot of lacerations, especially to his beautiful face, plus a fracture near one eye. It's full of cuts, bruises and scratchesbut its spirit remains intact”, adds Wagner.

Family asks for help treating Jack's injuries

Although Jack is already safe at home, his family started a GoFundMe campaign to request support to pay for the rehabilitation of the child who was attacked by the puma.

“I started this gofundme to help Jack's parents cover medical expenses and to help them with whatever they need on the farm while they focus on their recovery,” Wagner said.

Initially, the campaign wanted to raise $10,000but already has managed to add 38,000 dollars in just two days.

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