Mother and daughter caught stealing wallet in the middle of mass

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In social networks a church in Tegucigalpathe capital of Honduras, has gone viral after it was shared on the X network, formerly Twitter, a video where It can be seen that a woman and a girl, presumably mother and daughter, stole a parishioner's wallet in the middle of mass.

As it was expected, The video generated hundreds of reactions among Internet users who criticized the actions of both people, especially for carrying out the robbery in the middle of masswithout caring that they were in a church.

In the video It can be seen that both peoplein complicity, steal the wallet of a woman who is sitting in front of her during mass.

The event occurred last Sunday, October 1, just when those attending the mass stood up, the girl, following her mother's instructions, took out something from a woman's bag that was right in front of them.

The video, which appears to be from a security camera shows the supposed mother, who is on one side, motioning to the girl to take presumably the wallet that was inside the bag.

The girl first pulls the bag to bring it closer to her, and later, seeing that the owner did not notice the movement, He puts his hand in and takes out his wallet.

Finally, the mother helps the girl hide the wallet and they immediately abandoned the mass and left the church without anyone noticing the attendees. they were distracted praying

Users reproached the actions of the woman and the girl and they were amazed that at such a young age the adult woman He is teaching the minor to steal and above all, in a church.

"Whatever the reason they do it, it is really sad the extremes we are going to"; "And the girl was already a delinquent from that age, helping to steal"; "It's unfortunate, how can you teach that to a girl? And the worst in a church? What regret was the respect for the sacred was lost"; "SThis mother and her children have no scruple. God definitely has mercy on people. "He could have been struck by lightning for doing this."


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