“Morena's fifi face”

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Francisco Garfias.

Perla Villarreal is an external local representative of the PRI for district four of Monterrey. She says that in May 2022, the Emecista governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, sought her and other opposition deputies.

Its purpose is clear. MC had only six deputies on the list. All multiple. He needed allies in the local congress to approve his initiatives and decrees. Today it has 11 deputies.

How did you persuade them?

“In my case he tried to buy me by making financial offers or positions in important secretaries,” says Perla.

We know that the representative, with a master's degree in Management and Direction of Educational Institutions, was offered 20 million pesos to go to the state Secretary of Education. But not like that.

Revenge came for the refusal. In February of this year he began “political persecution” not only against her, but against her family. The governor brought the entire state apparatus down on him. SAT, the state UIF, Health, Environment, Ministry of Labor, Civil Protection.

This is how she tells it: “he closed, for no reason, the businesses of my husband, my in-laws, my mother, my friends. Summons from the UIF to 19 people, including me, complaints against my husband for organized crime and illicit enrichment at the Prosecutor's Office. They put a GPS in my truck. “All that to intimidate me.”

They went so far as to cut off the water in her house and install reducers in the homes of her brothers-in-law, her in-laws, and her husband's businesses.

They sent him messages to assure him that everything would be over if he went with MC or asked for leave for his substitute, who is already affiliated with Orange, to occupy his seat.

Another case, he says, is that of deputy Alhinna Vargas, PRI, who requested permanent leave alleging a pre-heart attack, due to the harassment she suffered. Fernando Adame, PAN, also “resigned.”

Samuel's strategy, according to the PRI deputy, is to force them to request a definitive license. In five cases he was successful. He harassed the proprietary deputies to do it. He bought the substitutes.

Perla has already reported 150 cases of harassment. She filed a complaint with the CNDH for political gender violence. She has other complaints of the same nature pending.


Also participating in that talk were the president of the tricolor in Nuevo León, José Luis Garza, the president of the local Congress, Mauro Guerra, and deputies Jessica Martínez, who made the jump from Morena to the tricolor.

Mauro Guerra spoke of political persecution. In his case, he claims that when the local congress approved a waste management law that Samuel did not like, the government sent garbage trucks to dump it at the houses of opposition deputies.

He further said: “Samuel does not publish laws he does not like. He doesn't veto them either. He freezes them. Not even López Obrador does it. The governor of Nuevo León brought the morning to a reality. He doesn't stop at threats. He does it not only with legislators, but with mayors and citizens.”

Guerra swears that he has not lowered the budget for mayors from the PRI, PAN and Morena either. Only those from the MC.


Jessica Martínez chairs a Special Investigation Commission in the local Congress on the death of a 14-year-old boy beaten by a nurse, who is already in jail, within the DIF. “They burned it before the autopsy and speaking to the Prosecutor's Office,” she says.

He adds: “Every time the commission met there were messages or they asked the allied deputies not to attend so that there would not be a quorum. “They hid the case until it was uncovered by an independent journalist.”

The director of the DIF at the time of the child's death was already made state president of the MC in Nuevo León. “He is the one who is going to decide the candidacies,” he stressed.

The federal representative, José Luis Garza, president of the state tricolor committee, was the last to speak:

“Samuel García and his secretaries are cynical, scoundrels, liars… This persecution begins when he asks to authorize an increase in public transportation and water. We did a public consultation. “The request was not granted.”

According to De la Garza, the governor of Nuevo León has harassed 125 people and committed more than 150 arbitrary acts. He has 17 complaints in the FGR.


The emecista has a great ally. President López Obrador says he is being mistreated. The governor's opponents, however, claim that he does Claudia Sheinbaum's “dirty work” by trying to run for the presidency of the Republic to take votes away from Xóchitl Gálvez. “She is Morena's fifi face,” summarizes de la Garza.

Samuel himself alleges political pressure to abandon his political aspirations towards 2024. He says he has information that the PRI and the PAN “fabricate” accusations against him. Oh really?


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