Morena will have “a monumental defeat. His reform will not pass”: PRI

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On behalf of the Parliamentary Group of the PRI, Deputy Alejandro Moreno Cardenas affirmed that the deputies of the bench of Morena will have "a monumental defeat" during the vote on the constitutional reform in electrical mattersince the opinion will not get the votes to be approved.

The foregoing, when setting the position of his bench, in the tribune, on the opinion that reforms articles 4, 25, 27 and 28 of the Constitution, in matters of energy and access to electricity.

“Today they will have the biggest and most monumental defeat. Your reform will not passand let it be heard well and clearly: If they continue with that arrogant attitude, the three constitutional reforms (electrical, electoral and on the National Guard, which the Executive is seeking) will go against them, and no proposal is going to pass here in the Congress of the Union”, warned the also national president of the PRI.

“The electrical reform that Morena presented is not going to happen. 'No' to obsolete, regressive and harmful visions for this country. Not to the whim or the submission or the lies of Morena. It is enough that Mexico continues adrift. Today foolishness is the sign of a monumental defeat, and they will not be able to pass their reform. That is why I want to tell them firmly: they are morally defeated, they could not”, he added.

Moreno Cárdenas affirmed that Morena is lying when she says that the main beneficiary will be the people. "His proposal gives rise to the generation of increasingly expensive electricity, and that cost will fall on all electricity consumers, on the homes of Mexicans."

“We are not going to allow them to carry out an act of treason against the country, and that consists of attacking the institutions and running over the constitutional text, all with the aim of establishing a model of electricity production and management that reverses everything that has been built in this country.”, he stated.

“We PRI members say, clearly and forcefully, 'no to the reform presented by Morena', out of consistency, responsibility and conviction. Let them be clear, your reform will not pass. We have to be on the right side of history, "he concluded.

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