Morena wants her shortlists for the Inai

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The leader of the Morena senators, Eduardo Ramírez, warned that only if the opposition accepts Morena's proposals will there be commissioners of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (Inai) or otherwise there will be no agreement.

He even advanced that They will discard all the applicants who have already been evaluated by commissions for the three vacancies, in order to start from scratch.

Immediately, PAN member Damián Zepeda warned that eliminating the candidates already evaluated at the stroke of a pen, at the whim of Morena, violates their rights.

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Last night, during the meeting of committee chairs with the president of the Senate, Ana Lilia Riverathe president of the Senate's Anti-Corruption, Transparency and Citizen Participation Commission, Juan Zepedamade an “energetic estrangement” from the ruling majority, because it throws away the work done by the commissions for weeks, due to their philias and phobias.

In the morning, due to an electronic failure in the transmission, in a labor forum of the Senate of the Republic, the voice of Eduardo Ramírez was heard during the private session of the Morena bench in which he expressed that they will take the process “to the limit” of Inai appointments ordered by the Court; Later the legislator went to a press conference, where he warned that he cannot guarantee the appointments.

I'm not saying we're definitely not going to achieve it; What I am doing is only to warn that the qualified majority is built with all parliamentary groups. If they accept the proposals that Morena has, I believe it can be built. If they do not accept the proposals put forward by Morena, we will practically continue without reaching the qualified majority,” said Ramírez Aguilar.

And so he announced the decision not to consider all the candidates who had already been evaluated by commissions for the first two vacancies and those who participated for the third vacancy.

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