Morena closes the door in Norma Piña's face 2023/10/24

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There is no argument that justifies a refusal by the pro-government senators to dialogue with Norma Piñapresident of the SCJN, on the extinction of the trusts of the Judicial Branch.

Fear of being exposed as ignorant, liars and losing the show? National Palace line to punish the only power that counterbalances it? Have I forgotten that we live in a Republic with a division of powers embodied in the Constitution?

The fact is that Morena's own parliamentary coordinator, Eduardo Ramirezpresident of the Jucopo in the upper house, declared yesterday that his party does not agree with making a formal invitation to the minister Pineapple to discuss the trusts (15 billion pesos) that are about to be extinguished.

“Everything has been done individually by the senators,” he assured.

* One of the most virulent reactions against the refusal to dialogue with the minister came from the Morenoist senator Alejandro Rojas Díaz Duránsubstitute Ricardo Monreal.

In conversation with this reporter, Red He said that his coordinator “lies” about the aborted dialogue. He swears that he has messages on his cell phone where Ramirez confirms that they would receive the minister at Jucopo.

“Yes, it was agreed to invite the minister Norma Piña. So much so that the spokesperson of the group, Cesar Craviotoin the presence of senators from the bench, made public the invitation to the minister to come and defend her position.

Christopher Arias He formalized it on the platform when it was discussed in the plenary session which commission was given its turn. Cravioto He even went so far as to say 'we invite her to the plenary session or to committees, wherever she wants.'”

He also says that yesterday morning, on the WhatsApp of the guinda group, there were senators from Morena who spoke out against receiving it.

Alexander He believes that the main reason for this change in position was that his coordinator “was given instructions.” Who? The only one who can give them.

“It seems to me to be a historical error and an ominous sign for democracy that we are closing the door in the minister's face.” Norma Piña. “It is not the person, but the institution that he represents,” he concluded.

* The disagreement occurred after a video from the minister Pineapple in which he calls for dialogue between powers.

In that video he also reveals that he officially requested from the Chamber of Deputies “an institutional space” in order to convene a specialized dialogue regarding the impact of the extinction of the trusts of the federal Judicial Branch. The deputies paid no attention and approved to eliminate them.

In the last few hours, however, “various invitations” have been received for the Judiciary to enter into a democratic dialogue with the Senate to deliberate on the issue that is being discussed there today.

“If the necessary conditions are met for this dialogue to be truly institutional and with respect for the independence of the federal Judiciary, I will accept this invitation.”

The words of Ramirez They destroyed any possibility of dialogue. After 7 p.m. it was learned that Norma Piña considered that there were no conditions for this “institutional dialogue.”

Previously, the minister Pineapple He stated in a solemn tone:

“I address the other powers of the Union with the full conviction that the Judiciary is not a political opposition, it is not an adversary. “Defend the Constitution and dispense justice.”

* The possibility remains alive that Marcelo Ebrard be a MC presidential candidate. The owner of that party, Dante Delgadosaid yesterday that the former chancellor can champion orange as an “external” option. Samuel Garciagovernor of Nuevo León who yesterday requested leave, would be the “internal option.”

In Morena they comment, in short, that Marcelo's nomination suits them, since it takes away votes from the middle class to the Frente Amplio.

They do not analyze, however, that this leaves alive the possibility that Ebrard follow the route of Cardenas in 88 and make a pact with Xochitl so that one of the two declines in favor of the one who is better in electoral preferences.

* They tell us that in the CDMX Congress the secret vote is promoted for the re-election of the local prosecutor, Ernestina Godoy. They say that the local opposition deputies, who have the numbers to reject the re-election, fear reprisals from the so-called “carnal prosecutor” if they do not let her repeat it.

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