Morelos Prosecutor’s Office defends its expert opinion on the cause of the death of Ariadna López

Morelos.- Jazmín Herrera Soto was the forensic doctor of the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office who intervened in the autopsy performed on Ariadna Fernanda López, found dead on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway last Tuesday, November 1. At a press conference, the doctor defended the results of the opinion that determined the cause of death of the young woman, namely: bronchial aspiration due to alcohol intoxication.

Likewise, the forensic doctor recognized that the body of the young woman did have injuries, but insisted that these did not cause the death of the young woman since they did not put any vital organ at risk. These are superficial injuries.

The professional said: “As I have been stating, yes, there are injuries that were mentioned at the time and that are described in the reports in upper and lower extremities. These injuries are ecchymosis (bruises), however they are not related to injuries at the bone level or internal injuries, such as rib fractures, in some region of the spine, damage to target organs such as the brain, heart, the lungs, the liver, or that hemorrhages or some other type of liquid have been found.”

Likewise, Dr. Herrera Soto asked that the work of the group of specialists who carried out the autopsy not be demerited and assured that “there is no margin of error” in the results, especially since the expert opinions are technically and scientifically reviewed.

Regarding the version of the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office, which maintains that Ariadna died of multiple traumas, the medical examiner maintained that this is a very broad definition and that no injuries were found that could cause the young woman’s death.

“The cause of death that we issued in a technical-scientific way was the cause of bronchial aspiration due to alcohol intoxication because we found data in the trachea that tells us that there was food, that this space was occupied by liquid and food, which caused the respiratory tract they would be busy and that oxygenation in all organs would decrease and lead to death”, assured the doctor.

Jazmín Herrera Soto explained that a multidisciplinary team is involved in the autopsy: experts in photography, chemistry, genetics, lophoscopy, as well as the agent of the Public Ministry.

Similarly, he stated that it is incorrect to say that a “second autopsy” was performed, although a technical medical opinion can be issued on the only autopsy performed.

The forensic doctor said all this before the confrontation of versions about the cause of the death of Ariadna López; confrontation that has taken place between the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office and the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office.

In this link you can consult the full version of the statements of the medical examiner Jazmín Herrera:

With information from the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office

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