Morelos deputy receives message on a body lying on the street near her house

The body of a man inside a black bag was left near the home of the local deputy Luz Dary Quevedo in Tetecala, Morelos. The discovery occurred early Monday morning, on Gardenias Street in Colonia El Charco, where a message was also left accusing the legislator of not respecting agreements.

In the afternoon, the legislator went to the Morelos Attorney General's Office, where she filed a complaint for threats.

“Today (Monday, January 31), at approximately seven in the morning, I found out through the voice of neighbors that the lifeless body of a person was found on the street one block from my home in the municipality of Tetecala Morelos. with a message mentioning my name.”

Quevedo lamented the murder of that person who, he said, is added to the many cases that have been perpetrated in Morelos in a climate of impunity and insecurity that we all face on a daily basis.

"For this reason, today I went to the facilities of the Attorney General of the State of Morelos to file a formal complaint for the crime of threats and whatever results against whoever is responsible," he added.

Quevedo said he feared for his life and that of his family, however, he anticipated that he would not give up despite the threats against him.

“Without a doubt, in this case it is intended to revile, stain the image and the work that a servant has done throughout my different public positions, where I have always conducted myself in a straight and honest manner in the performance of these functions, so much so that society has shown it to me at the polls on three occasions, and that, I reiterate, I was not and am not related to any criminal act or criminal groups”, he assures.

The MC deputy first made a call to the authorities in charge of preventing crime to prevent this wave of violence from continuing to plague Morelos.

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