Moreira urges participation of the legislature in security matters, in the event of an emergency due to organized crime

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Faced with the wave of violence that afflicts the country due to organized crime, Deputy Rubén Moreira Valdez, coordinator of the PRI Parliamentary Group, urged the Bicameral National Security Commission to function so that the Legislative Branch participates in the fight against insecurity and provide solutions to this national emergency.

"Drug trafficking is a problem of governance and, therefore, of national security," he said in a statement.

The legislator pointed out that in Congress there is another lack in the matter of security, due to the omission in the integration of the Bicameral Commission to follow up on the actions of the armed forces in matters of public security and the fight against drug trafficking. This monitoring and control body was established in a recent constitutional reform.

“We have been ignorant and we must act more like in other nations, like in the United States, where from Congress, security policies have been actively promoted”, stressed the congress leader.

It is important that legislators include the fight against drug trafficking on their agenda. Even, he added, that the governors be summoned to review their performance on this issue.

He asserted that Mexico is experiencing its most difficult moments in terms of security.

An example is Colima, where there are 93.9 people murdered for every one hundred thousand inhabitants, a situation that also occurs in Baja California, Zacatecas, Morelos, and Sonora, with very high standards for this crime. In all of them, the state authority evades its responsibility, he emphasized

For this reason, he announced that the PRI bench will demand next week that both bicameral commissions work and participate, since the legislators cannot be outside of what is happening, in any case, he said, they must be a responsible counterweight and of proposal.

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