More than 70% of Ecuadorians reject the Pdte’s management. Lassos | News


The Click Report pollster published this Saturday the results of a study where it indicates that 71.18 percent of Ecuadorians reject the management of the president, Guillermo Lasso.


They investigate the death of three people near a prison in Ecuador

Ad portas to fulfill his first year in office, citizens rejected with 87.24 percent the security policies that Lasso has implemented, this due to the worsening of violence in prisons and in various areas such as Guayaquil, where they denounce confrontations between gangs.

Likewise, the quantitative work details that 32.11 percent consider that the head of state has not done anything in his first year, where he has not complied with his government plan.

Regarding the generation of employment, which was one of Lasso’s campaign banners, 83.42 percent of those surveyed describe the Executive’s policies in this area as inefficient, to which is added the rejection of public investment incentives in strategic sectors of the national economy.

In addition to evaluating the management of the current president, the Click Report pollster also asked about the perception of citizens about the work of the National Assembly (Legislative Body), where 83.68 percent state that they do nothing, while 9, 61 percentage points consider that they do a good job of approving laws.

The study that included the participation of 760 citizens over 65 years of age located in the two main cities of the country that are Quito (capital) and Guayaquil, at the same time, the survey has a margin of error of three percentage points.

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