More than 600 dead and 100 prisoners in Israel, in Hamas offensive

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The death toll in Israel Due to the surprise offensive of the Islamist group Hamas, the number rose to more than 600, and more than 100 people are "prisoners" of the Palestinian movement, the Israeli government reported this Sunday.

The government press office published these updated figures in an infographic on its Facebook account. Facebook, and an official who asked not to be identified confirmed the data to AFP. The death toll "is not a definitive figure," he clarified, noting that there are more than 2,000 injured, including 200 in "critical condition."

The war between Israel and the Islamist movement Hamas led to pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the Middle East and a reinforcement of security measures around Jewish sites in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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Six wars in 15 years

At the end of 2008, Israel launches air offensive and then land to put an end to the rocket fire: 1,440 Palestinians and 13 Israelis died.

At the end of 2012the Israeli army carries out the selective assassination of the military leader of Hamas, Ahmad Jaabari.

Eight days of airstrikes leave 174 Palestinians dead. Six Israelis also die.

In July 2014Israel launches Operation Protective Edge to stop rocket fire and destroy tunnels dug in the enclave.

The war left 2,251 dead on the Palestinian side, the vast majority civilians, and 74 dead on the Israeli side, almost all of them soldiers.

In May 2021a new war in Gaza leaves 232 dead on the Palestinian side and 12 on the Israeli side in 11 days.

Two years later, in May 202335 Palestinians, including Islamic Jihad leaders, were eliminated in five days of war.

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