More than 15 million Mexicans support López Obrador | News

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) was backed with more than 15 million votes to continue with his mandate, according to the latest data offered by the National Electoral Institute (INE), who finished the count this afternoon. monday.


Mexico holds first referendum to revoke presidential mandate

At 06:06 local time, the INE confirmed 100 percent of the tally sheets (57,449), where López Obrador added 15,159,323 votes, which represents 91.86 percent.

Regarding invalid votes, the Institute registered a total of 280,104 (1.69 percent), while the figure offered by the electoral entity reflected that 1,063,209 citizens voted for the revocation of the mandate of the head of state.

The INE indicated that of the total votes, 8,287 were cast from abroad, of which 76.31 percent of the ballots were for the permanence of the president in the Government while 23.10 percent of the Mexicans in the outside they asked for the revocation of the Executive.

A total of 16,502,636 citizens exercised their right to vote in Mexico, which represented 17.77 percent of the voter lists.

For his part, the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, valued the event as “a complete success; people acted very responsibly, millions of Mexicans. We are facing a historical fact, it is something unprecedented in the history of our country; For the first time, citizens are being consulted so that they can decide on the president’s government, the one that continues or the one that leaves, reaffirming that the people are the ones in charge,” said AMLO.

The Head of State pointed out that “this forces whoever is in the Presidency to act with rectitude, honesty, not to turn their backs on the people, not to steal, not to see the budget as loot because the people would not allow it” .