More controversy! – Governor of Florida enacts creation of electoral police


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation Monday to create a police unit dedicated to investigating fraud and other election crimes, addressing one of the GOP’s top priorities after former President Donald Trump’s false claims that his re-election was stolen.

The Republican governor signed the new law after he decided earlier this year to prioritize electoral reforms, pressing the Republican-controlled state legislature to create the police unit at a time when other entities are reassessing their own voting systems after the accusations. baseless Trump.

DeSantis — who is running for re-election and is widely considered a possible 2024 presidential candidate — has said the past election went smoothly, though he has also suggested more rules are needed to deter fraud, highlighting Trump’s lingering influence on Republican policies. Critics have said the move is politically motivated and unnecessary, arguing that local prosecutors can deal with electoral crimes.

During a signing ceremony Monday at a bar in Spring Hill, Florida, DeSantis justified the need for the new police unit, hinting that existing police departments may not be equipped or willing to fully investigate fraud cases. .

“Some of them might not care so much about the election issue. I think the reactions to that have been mixed. So we just want to make sure that whatever laws are in place, they are enforced,” he stated.

Election fraud in the United States is rare, and usually occurs in isolated instances and is detected. An Associated Press investigation into the 2020 presidential election found fewer than 475 possible cases of fraud among the 25.5 million votes cast in the six states in which Trump and his allies contested their loss to President Joe Biden. .

Republicans across the country have stressed the need to restore public confidence in elections, passing several election laws in the past two years to enforce new rules around early and mail-in voting methods, which They were popular in the 2020 election.

The law establishes the creation of a Bureau of Election Crimes and Security under the Florida Department of State to review allegations of fraud and conduct preliminary investigations. DeSantis must appoint a group of special agents from the Florida Department of Security, who would be in charge of investigating violations of electoral laws.

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