Months after giving birth, Yuya poses very sensually in the bathroom, wearing a black wrap top


much of last year yuya She dedicated herself to informing her fans about her pregnancy, but now, with the birth of her son Mar, she has fully resumed her social networks. And surprisingly, he was also very sensual, because through his stories of Instagram shared a video that, although short, was enough for her to show off her beauty to the fullest in front of the mirror, wearing a tight black top.

The popular vlogger 28-year-old Mexican (whose real name is Mariand Castrejon) has been very happy and calm; In his most recent post on that social network, he appears with a look a little different, in which her long brown hair stands out. The message he wrote next to the image was: “The days at home go by quickly. I like being here, with my plants and my time. I haven’t paid attention to my garden in a long time, maybe today is the day. Or maybe not.”

on his channel Youtube Yuya has more than 25 million subscribers, and a few weeks ago she published a clip in which she gives details of her new stage as a mother, in addition to showing how she decorated her Christmas tree: “A lot of things happened, it was beautiful and chaotic too ”.

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