Monreal saves Americo Villareal

Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

Morena’s coordinator, Ricardo Monreal had to draw on all his legislative experience and his knowledge of constitutional law, as a doctor of law that he is, to get Senator Américo Villarreal forward, who on Monday made the blunder of requesting the return to his seat in the Senate of the Republic, which endangered his victory in the elections for governor in the State of Tamaulipas.

In what was considered a legislative and parliamentary law chair, Monreal shot down the arguments of the PAN caucus that sought, with disqualifications, to prevent Villarreal’s arrival at the Government Palace of Ciudad Victoria, to protect his co-religionist, the still governor, -until Friday- Francisco Javier Cabeza de Vaca.

Before the plenary session of the Chamber of Senators, in a debate in which he did not intend to participate or abstain, but in which he was hit in his mere bulk, which is the constitutional legal debate, Monreal Ávila told the PAN members that he had only heard disqualifications , diatribes, insults but without going to the bottom of the discussion of the topic “at hand”.

The PAN argued that the procedure of Américo Villarreal, who in recent days reported his reinstatement to the Senate, and then for personal reasons, asked to cancel said request, was an erroneous procedure because it contravened the law.

It was then that Monreal used all his experience as a legislator and told those in the opposition that article 79 of the Tamaulipas Constitution literally says: “You cannot obtain the position of governor by election because you are ministers of a cult or are active in the Armed Forces”.

Then he pointed out that article 79 establishes the restrictions to obtain the position of governor of the state, by election and underlined, by election, there is not a comma, there is not a period and followed, it is a complete paragraph that should be read like this.

Not being linked to the protest of the position that the people granted to the presumptive elected governor, does not prevent, during the election period and before the swearing-in, that he can reincorporate and before the swearing-in, that he can reincorporate, even temporarily, because the impediment is 120 days to hold the election.

Thus Américo Villarreal Anaya will be governor of the state of Tamaulipas despite the stupidity he committed last Monday; the PAN members were frustrated in their attempt to prevent his arrival at the Government Palace of Ciudad Victoria, Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca is one step away from jail if he does not flee, and Ricardo Monreal confirmed himself as a reliable operator of the 4T despite the intrigues that depart the old City Hall Palace.


Veracruz journalist Miguel López Azuara died, a professional journalist who worked with great professionalism in Excelsiór, Proceso and other media, in addition to holding positions in Social Communication offices. Rest in Peace the friend with whom I always had a kind and respectful treatment … Aguas with the revenge of the doctor, first it was against the mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas, and now it is against the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Mauricio Tabe, in his case against the family, with inventions of irregularities in their businesses. The chief Claudia Sheinbaum has not yet digested the defeats that the opposition dealt her in the elections last June.

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