Monkey arrives at the office and starts reviewing files

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The only official who works? A monkey that invaded a government office in India has left social networks laughing. The video, shared by a user named Harsh Tyagi on shows a curious monkey in an office, surrounded by mountains of files and papers. Which makes this video even funnier is that the monkey seems to be imitating office workers while thoroughly reviewing various documents.

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The video begins with the monkey, seemingly intrigued, inspecting the papers on the desk. Despite attempts to distract the animal by offering it a banana, the monkey surprisingly rejects the treat and continues flipping through the documents with great concentration. While some employees try to feed the monkey more bananas, he remains engrossed in his task, ignoring the offered treats.

At one point in the video, Brave employees are seen trying to escort the animal out of the office. The user who shared the video wrote: "A monkey walked into a government office and started going through papers."

Although it was initially reported that the video was shot in an office of a government agency in Behat area, Saharanpur Additional District Magistrate Deepak Kumar clarified the actual situation. According to India Today reports, the magistrate explained that the monkey had entered a lawyer's office and had sat down at a table.

This is not the first such incident that has caused a sensation on social media. In the past, another viral video showed a gray langur trying to operate a computer in a railway station research office in Bolpur, West Bengal. In that video, the langur appeared to be trying to type something into the system, while people around him joked about making reservations and searching for information.


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