Mónica Huarte Twerkes on social networks

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As he read the script Lady Influenceractress Mónica Huarte had mixed feelings.

He laughed at the absurdities that many influencers They face the camera in order to generate impact and likesand was also frozen by the dark side of social networks: hatersthe superficiality, imperfect and sometimes murky lives of those who sell themselves as possessors of an ideal everyday life.

Huarte, a comedy actress most of the time, wanted to take a leap in her career to star in this story with some sarcastic and twisted touches, which remind us that not everything is as it seems.

“It is a very dense script. The final part of the movie made me anxious. I said: 'What is this? It's super violent, but I took the plunge and I'm happy I did. And yes, he is a very dark character in my filmography, but since you are suddenly pigeonholed into 'you can only do comedy', I think this film shows that the range is very wide and it is up to you to break away from the label.

"That's what Carlos (Santos, director) did because, in addition, he told me: 'This film won't be made if you tell me you're not going, because it's for you.' It was a huge compliment and he did it very well. “He brought out the best in me,” he said in an interview with ExcelsiorMonica Huarte.

To the actress, who 23 years ago won the Silver Goddess for Best Female Feature Role for her work in Tired of kissing frogshe is seen in Lady influencer like Fátima, a forty-year-old woman with a murky past, who lives on medication in her father's house and becomes famous on social networks overnight.

“Fati”, as her followers call her, begins to live in a world of banality, fashion, advertising campaigns and friends. influencers, who will lead her to bring out her most twisted side. A digital adventure that is now available on national billboards.

In one of the sequences of Lady influenceryou can see Huarte twerking in front of the camera and showing his butt, just as many influencers do in the virtual world, especially with TikTok choreographies.

“I received classes from twerking and at the hour of the hour I said: 'I'm going to twerk like I do, because this woman isn't that pro' either. That is the scene in which I say: 'Yes, that is already arriving at a place without absolute modesty,'" the also interpreter of Until fate do us partGerardo Morán's debut film.

In back of Lady influencer is the director Carlos Santos (Chilangolandia2021), who poured into his second feature film the reality that is experienced through cell phones.

“It is relevant and worth doing, because it explores this relationship that we all have with networks, sometimes toxic, other times satisfying, and above all it is something that, as human beings, we are still trying to understand and accommodate, because technology it moves very fast. So, I create a film that allows itself to question this issue and at the same time entertains the audience, it is a winner. Going to the movies to have fun and ask yourself questions is something that I look for,” shared Santos, who wrote the script in three months.

Huarte, who has a commercial with soccer players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, joined the reflection on the universe of TikTok, Instagram, X, among others, in which you see one thing and it ends up being something totally different.

“The film stimulates the viewer all the time, you laugh out loud, but it also makes your heart break and makes you reflect on the networks. Play with genres and emotions. For me, as an actress, it took me to unexpected places that I never thought I would explore in my life,” concluded the 42-year-old actress.

Lady influencer complements its cast with Macarena García Romero, Diana Carreiro, Bárbara Lombardo, Mau Nieto, Leonardo Daniel and Christian Uribe

Notably Lady influencer It had its premiere a few days ago at the 2023 edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

Huarte has 152 thousand followers on Instagram, where she usually shares several of the characters she creates for film and television, which means that, very far from the digital universe, she is not.

from the tape

Lady influencer

  • Directed by: Carlos Santos.
  • Starring: Macarena García Romero, Diana Carreiro, Bárbara Lombardo, Mau Nieto, Leonardo Daniel and Christian Uribe.
  • Genre: Comedy/Drama.
  • Country: MEXICO.
  • Duration: 111 minutes.

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