Moms twerk as Anitta Mother's Day festival gets out of control in Culiacán

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The Mother's Day Festival is getting out of control, because in the last few hours a video began to circulate on social networks showing a group of mothers celebrating May 10 at their children's school.

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In an unusual way to celebrate the mothers, 'perreando' all the way down after the dance presented by the children dressed as 'charritos'.

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The events occurred in a primary school located in Culiacán, Sinaloa, where they surprised people by dancing perreo, they even took out the prohibited steps and did the step of 'Anitta'.

They started the dance with the already famous song of the artist Bad Bunny 'Titi I Wonder' where you can see some mothers who are in the center of the patio to begin with those hot steps of twerking.

The moment that shocked those present was when one of them decided to lie on the floor and dance the trend with the step of Anittathe other mothers applauded and shared that authentic moment.

According to local media, the teachers joined the dance and decided to show their best 'twerking', all without any small present at the event.

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The video went viral on social networks and has generated all kinds of comments in addition to almost a million views.

Some comments that are read are:

'I urgently need my son to enter kindergarten, 'My mother would have done that at my festivals, it would be my most humble moment', 'I love seeing them enjoy and be happy', 'In this life I am the lady who drowns the king', 'My mistress giving everything for the set of plastic cups in which she gives us little juice orange or milk', 'At my daughter's school they didn't do that to us, it was a brunch with mariachi'.


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