MLB: Will Julio Urías stay with the Dodgers? Coach breaks the silence

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Waiting for a rival in the postseason, the Los Angeles Dodgers They continue to deal with the loss of the Mexican pitcher Julio Uríasaccused of domestic violence and separated from the team last month, to which the manager Dave Roberts finally broke his silence during his participation in the podcast 'The Show'published by New York Post.

During his participation, presenters Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman questioned the 51-year-old strategist about whether the Mexican would pitch at some point in the knockout phase of the 2023 Major League seasonto which the Japanese responded categorically that No.

First of all it's very unfortunate, when you spend eight years with someone you get to know them and care about them. […] Major League Baseball and the authorities are doing their due diligence and he is on the list of restricted players. We haven't seen him, we haven't heard from him and he obviously won't pitch for us this year.

The MLB opened a investigation of Julio UríasLos Angeles Dodgers pitcher, after being arrested earlier this month for a serious crime of bodily injury to your partner.

Urías spent around five hours under arrest and was released after paying a fine. bail of 50 thousand dollarsreported the American sports press.

The Mexican was detained by agents of the Department of Public Safety at Exposition Park, in South Los Angeles. In that park is the BMO stadiumwhere Lionel Messi played a game MLSattended by several celebrities as part of the audience.

In May 2019the left-hander had already been arrested for physical violence, for which the Major League suspended him for 20 games, but the Los Angeles prosecutor's office refused to present formal charges on the condition that he complete a program for the prevention of gender violence.

Julio Urías (Photo: Reuters)

Until now, no player had been suspended twice under MLB's domestic violence policy since its establishment in 2015.

Regarding his future with one of the most important sports organizations in the United States, Roberts commented that he does not have any additional information, but with the Mexican's contract expiring at the end of this seasoneverything indicates that his time with the Trolley Dodgers has expired.

Before the scandal, the pitcher was projected to sign a very lucrative contract extension of up to $200 millionmaking him one of the highest paid Mexican players in history.

Julio Urías (Photo: Reuters)

After being removed from the team, all references to the Mexican have been deleted from the team's official networks and channels, including the final minutes of the game. 2020 World Serieswhere Urías threw the final strikeout that sealed his championship.

With Urías practically having one foot outside the Major Leagues, speculation about his arrival in national baseball, through the Mexican Baseball League, has grown exponentially. However, Horacio de la Vega, president of the LMB, has asked not to get ahead of ourselves, since the league will listen to “what the baseball authority says” and will comply with what the United States authority resolves.

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