MLB: Seattle returns to the postseason after a 21-year absence | Video

The Seattle Mariners they assured their place in the postseason by first time since 2001 thanks to a hearty victory 2-1 Over the Oakland Athletics at the bottom of the ninth inning with a quadrangular receiver Cal Raleigh with two outs on the board and his account full.

Raleigh became the first player in all major league history in connecting a quadrangular to close the game being substitute in the batter’s box and Send your team to the postseason.

In an interview for Associated Press, Raleigh declared the following of the historic moment:

I remember the moment I knew the ball was good and I looked at the team and everyone was jumping. It was just crazy.

With victory, too secured the last ticket to the American League postseasoneliminating the Baltimore Oriolesa team that surprised as a contender for the playoffs.

At this time the sailors they meet like second wild card with six games remaining in the regular season. They are a game and a half away from the Toronto Blue Jays They are the fourth seed in the conference, which for now, gives them the benefit of hometown in the wild card round of the postseason.

with victory, 21-year postseason streak ends and now the Kings of Scaramento of the NBA have the worst streak in America with 16 years without passing the regular phase.

To put in context the last time Seattle reached the postseason, here are some data of what was happening in the majors :

  • Barry Bonds had just set the record for most homers in history with 73.
  • Albert Pujols, who has already hit 701 home runs in his career, was just a rookie.
  • The Montreal Expos still existed.
  • Julio Rodriguez, a Seattle rookie and favorite to win rookie of the year, was just nine months old.

(With information from TheScore)