MLB: National League wins All-Star Game for first time since 2012

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The receiver of the Colorado Rockiesthe Venezuelan Elias Diazshot this Tuesday a two-run homer who decided the National League win by 23 on American in it Stars game of the Big leagues held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

With the victory, the selection of the National League capped a losing streak for the ninth since 2012 in the also called Midseason Classic.

Diaz was proclaimed the Most valuable Player of the All-Star Game and dedicated the award to his mother, who was present at the stadium.

zac gallen (Diamondbacks) was in charge of waging the first entry without annotations for the National League, but equality did not last long.

The Cuban guy Yandy Diaz (Rays) broke parity in the second by shoot for the American League a solo home run who flew into the left field wall before the pitcher Mitch Keller (Pirates).

the national equalized 1-1 in the fourth inning after a double combination to the left field of the Cuban JD Martinez (Dodgers) and simple to the right meadow of the Venezuelan Luis Arraez (Marlins) vs. pitches from the right-hander George Kirby (Sailors).

The smaller of the circuits returned to take the lead in the bottom of the sixth inning.

After an unstoppable to the right field of the Venezuelan Salvador Perez (real), Brent Rooker (A's) followed with a double by rule through the right forest and Bo Bichette (Blue Jays) took care of take Pérez to the platewith sacrifice fly towards the right wing, before the pitches of the Puerto Rican Alexis Diaz (Reds).

The National was about to tie the match in the seventh act with home run of the Cuban Lourdes Gurriel Jr. (Diamondbacks), who sent the ball out of the park down the left field line.

But the manager of the American League, Dusty Bakerasked for the play review. It was established that the hit was in foul territory and thus the American provisionally remained ahead 2-1.

Although the opportunity escaped them in the seventh, the Nacional did not give up and Diaz (Rockies), who entered the game in place of the Cuban Jorge Solerpunished with a quadrangularwith Nick Castellanos on the basesto the Dominican Felix Bautistato turn the game around (2-3).

In the ninth episode, the American placed men in first and second with two strengths, but craig kimbrel (Phillies) struck out the Dominican Jose Ramirez to finish the game and keep the save.

(With information from EFE)

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