MLB Mexico City Series: Padres repeats homily to Gigantes | Video

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San Diego Padres was awarded the Mexico City Series (2-0) coming from behind on the board to beat 6-4 to San Francisco Giantssecond regular season match of the Californian ninths held this Sunday at the Alfredo Harp HelĂș Stadium in Mexico City.

Behind the Home Run Derby who starred in ninths in the first duel of the series, held on Saturday, with victory for Padres 16-11, Giants He jumped into the capital diamond ready to settle pending scores.

And with two round cannon shots signed by Wade Jr and Davis in the first and second innings, respectively, San Francisco took the lead 2-0.

Another home run from Haniger in the fourth roll he extended the 3-0 advantage for those led by the manager Gabe Kapler.

And before finishing the top of the fourth roll, yastrzemski singled to center field and drove in the run comfort to leave the score 4-0 in favor of San Francisco.

However, Padres reacted in the bottom of the fifth inning with a three-race rally. Nola blew the fence into center field with carpenters on the trails; while, grove hit a hit to right field and drove in the run Tatis Jr. for a score of 4-3, still in favor of those from the Bay.

It was in the bottom of the eighth inning, when San Diego turned the score aroundthanks to another three-race rally. cronenworth singled to right field to drive in grove to the register and advance to Bogaerts to the anteroom There the cards were equalized 4-4.

Greater damage produced carpenters with a double to center field to produce the runs of Bogaerts and Cronenworth and take the 6-4 lead, which they would not lose for the rest of the match.

Luis Garcia He was the winning pitcher with a performance of two innings in which he struck out two rivals, without a hit or a walk; Josh Hader the save was noted. While, Tyler Rogers took the loss.

With this result, San Diego reaches a 15-14 mark and San Francisco stagnates with a record of 11-16.

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