MLB: Mariners and Angels dish out insults, blows and expulsions | Video


The benches are empty!

the game between Mariners and Angels turned into a batalla pitched during the second inning, after an uncontrolled launch of Andrew Wantz hit Jesse Winkercausing the seattle player rage that went against the rival bank.

It was in the top of the second inning that, Winker was hit on the first pitch by Wantz, who had already hit JJulia Rodriguez in the first inning, but this time the Seattle outfielder reacted badly, throwing insults and objects at the Angels dugout, the players responded to the aggression by causing a pitched fight.

The fight broke out near the Angels’ dugout, with multiple players and coaches on the ground and hitting each other. Although for a moment the spirits calmed down, the fight continued with jerks between several players.

After 18 minutes of screaming and hitting, the game resumed with eight expelled. The interim manager of Los Angeles, Phil Nevin, and Scott Servalis, from Seattle, went to the showers. the angels lost to Wantz, Iglesias and the reliever Ryan Tepera; while, Winker, Rodriguez and Crawford they were pushed off the diamond by the Mariners.

The spirits between both teams were already on fire, after on Saturday Erik Swanson will throw a 95 mph fastball near Mike Trout’s head in the ninth inning, but he didn’t advance and was on warning for both dugouts.

The rough match tilted in favor of the Angels 2-1 over Mariners.

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