MLB: Harper joins fans against relocating Oakland A's to Las Vegas

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Instead of an expansion team as happened in the NHL with the Golden Knightswho just crowned Stanley Cup ChampionsLas Vegas seeks inherit the A's with a proposed 30,000-seat stadium on a nine-acre site on the site of the Tropicana Hotel on the Vegas Strip.

This move is one that continues to fail fans and Harper alike.

The fans are very passionate, they bleed green. I don't know what they'll be like or how they'll do in Vegas but it won't be the same. It is a small market.

Plus, should the move go through, the 30-year veteran hopes for at least new management rename team.

They shouldn't use the A's name. I really think not. It's not fair to anyone in Oakland for that to happen.

Last Tuesday during the game of the Athletics against the Tampa Bay Rays at the Oakland Coliseum, an event was held during which, fans They met for encourage Fisher to sell the team so that this stay in california.

The fans, despite being one of the most loyal in the Major Leagues, have abandoned their team this season, since a Mass liquidation in the franchise has resulted in a depleted ninth and, with the worst record in baseball (18-50), the geographical transfer has gained strength.

At the moment neither Big leagues nor the team have reached a final decision on the future of the franchise but, with one of the worst attendance rates and the precedent of the transfer of the Oakland Raiders (NFL) to Las Vegasthe possibility of firing the A's from their historic home seems to be the option.

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