MLB: Albert Pujols returns to diamonds as a special assistant

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The former player of Big leagues, Albert Pujols, has rejoined the Los Angeles Angels but now with the flannel team assistant to support the franchise american leaguewhere he was also a player.

The information was disclosed by the pujols in a meeting he held with the press in Tempe, Arizona, where the Angels are training for the Big Top season.

I am very happy to be back here […] What happened two years ago, I don't hold grudges for anything. That's part of the business.

'Machine'who played 10 seasons with the Los Angeles squad, showed emotion to return even though the team left him on freedom in the middle of the 2021 campaign.

Now, between his labors with the Angels, pujols plans to serve as special instructor in spring training this week and will then travel to Dominican Republicduring the season, to help with perspectives of the team in the Caribbean country.

The 43-year-old experienced baseball player pointed out that he looks like a mentor for playersand that as an executive, he specified that he will do everything in his power to help Angels front officeheaded by Perry Minasian.

The batter, who throughout his career shot 703 home runs in Major League Baseballexpressed his satisfaction with the career he achieved as a baseball player, but indicated that he feels well with life in retirement As a player.

I was lucky enough to play for 23 years as a professional, and I would do it again if I had to, but I am very happy where I am now in my life.

With a .296 average and 2,218 RBIs in 23 seasons, pujols knows that he has the experience and status to guide and educate the new generations of the franchise with his advice.

It's my job to help these guys get better and become the superstars they want to be. My job is the same as many veterans who helped me in the early days.

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