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Aaron Judgeplayer of New York Yankees has become just sixth player in Major League history to hit 60 or more home runscontinuing a dream season destined to be remembered in the history of the iconic franchise, and with 14 games remainingIt’s still far from over…

Judgewho leads the current campaign in home runs, hit the big shot this Tuesday at the ninth inning of the first game of the series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. In addition to being historic, Judge’s home run could not have come at a better time, since it was also key in the comeback 9-8 to win a important game for the postseason.

With the same mindset with which he entered the 2022 campaign, judge affirmed the following about his at-bat stats:

I haven’t really been thinking about numbers or statistics or things like that. I’m going to try to help my team win. At the time, it was just a good drive in the ninth inning and we were still down a couple of runs. But on this team we’ve always had a never say dead attitude. We fight to the end.

With the home run connected to the pitcher Will Crowe‘the Judge’ is in range of only one flies fences more than Roger Maris record in the American League for home runs in a single season, which is in force for 61 years.

Two of Maris’s sons were present at Yankee Stadium to witness Judge become just the third player in the franchise to reach 60 strikes in the same season.

Babe Ruth had set the then-major league record for 60 home runs during the 1927 seasonwhich would then be surpassed by Maris in 1961, with 61. Back then, much of the media hype was seeing Maris break the ‘Bambino’ record in 154 gamesduration of the 1927 season. Now Judgereaches 60 in solo 147 games.

When you talk about Ruth and Maris and Mantle, the greats of the history of the Yankees, you never imagine as a child that at some point you will be mentioned by their side. It’s an incredible honor and something I don’t take lightly. This is not finished yet.

Judge, 30, has three homers in his last two gamesfive in the last six, so now leads the American League in batting average, RBI and home runs. At the rate he is batting, the American is projected to reach 66 in the same season, in addition to winning the Triple Crown from the batter’s box.

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