Mitch McConnell: Senator McConnell says there was a ‘mischaracterization’ after comment to black voters

At a press conference, Mitch McConnell He clarified that his previous words referring to African-American voters were taken out of context.

Past days, McConnell was asked by a reporter, “what is your message to voters of color who are worried they won’t be able to vote after the rejection of the JJohn Lewis Voting Right Act (electoral law)?”

Mitch McConnell responded that “your concern is misplaced, if we look at the statistics, the African-American voters are voting at a high percentage like the Americans.”

The response was not well received by minorities. Nevertheless, McConnell he corrected his position by saying “this horrible mischaracterization of my public record is the result of leaving a word unnoticed on the air … it is highly offensive.”

“I’ve had African-American speech writers, planners, office officers over the years. I find this mischaracterization of my public record to be offensive and outrageous.”

Social networks turned against the Senator from Kentucky, showing photos and saying “I am an American“, referring to the comments of McConnell.

Mitch McConnell and his history of attacking minorities

The Senator from Kentucky count with one history that has marginalized minorities in United States.

Mitch McConnell has been characterized, in the recent past, by block initiatives popular and put full hand in the selection of judgeseven breaking his own word.

His latest actions directly attack voters with an emphasis on controlling certain key states, doubling down on using the vague language of the “Election Count Act”, law that protects states to declare a winner.

However, the same McConnell accepts that “his party has done a good job with white peopleAnd I’m proud of that.”

Furthermore, he has referred to the events of the civil war as an event that must be forgotten and overcome by all. “The Confederate flag means different things to different people, but it remains a painful and oppressive memory for many, for me at least it’s time to get over it.”

Mitch McConnell it was photographed -years ago- with the confederate flag in the background. McConnell’s own communications team has claimed the photo dates from 30 years ago.

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