Missouri woman was kidnapped and tortured by man she met on dating app


The defendant had a criminal record and only a week after being released from jail.

Photo: Clinton County Sheriff’s Office/Courtesy

A Kansas City woman has fled a home where she was being held hostage by an individual she met through a dating app, who beat and tortured her for two days.

The victim, whose name was not revealed, only that he is 31 years old, found a compatible partner on his dating app, so he decided to meet. The same day, the man identified as James Larson Jr took her to the house which he shares with his father at Lake Arrowhead in Clinton County.

The 39-year-old man he locked her in a room and began with a series of brutal blowsaccording to the affidavit written by the Clinton police, explained that he beat her with a closed fist in the face, he kicked her with metal-toed boots, he stabbed her in the head with an ice pick.

During the two days that he kept her in captivity, he never fed her or allowed her to go to the bathroom. The victim was in very poor condition, so the defendant’s father, James Larson Sr. tried to help her along with a relative.

According to Mr. Larson, he told the authorities that the woman did not want to leave the place. One of the nights of torture, James Jr. found a shotgun that he wanted to use on her: “I am going to shoot him and then I am going to shoot myself”, were the words that his son confessed to him, The Kansas City Star reported.

The father convinced the son not to do anything to him, and asked him to keep the gun in the garage, so he went to do it, after a few minutes he returned and according to Mr. Larson’s statements, the defendant began to hit walls and break objects.

While I was distracted tried to get the woman out of the room, but couldn’t find the keys and he managed to see her lying on the ground in a fetal position, reads the police report.

After two days of torture, the woman was able to escape from the house and ran with a neighbor to speak to the police, shortly after a SWAT team arrived. the first to surrender was the father and several hours later, hidden, they found James Larson Jr.

After he was arrested, Clinton County police discovered that the man had only recently been released from prison in Oklahoma where he had been charged with assault and battery on an officer of the law. Larson spent eight years in prison.

in Clinton, On May 10, he was released from jail provisional, after being charged with possession of marijuana, a charge he denied.

James Larson Jr. is charged with first degree domestic assault, felony kidnapping, felony armed criminal action, and felony possession of a firearm.. He has denied the charges.

The victim is still hospitalized with severe health problems, according to the report obtained by the WDAF newscast. has trouble breathing and could not walk.

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