'Mission' that God has entrusted to me to be president 'is not over yet': Bolsonaro

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Since his retirement in the United States, the former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro affirmed that the "mission" of taking charge of the country that God entrusted to him "has not yet finished"in which it is his first statement in this sense since he lost at the polls on October 30.

"It was an experience that I understand as a mission and if he understands it that way, I think that mission is not over yet," he said during an intervention at an evangelical church in Orlando.

I asked God what was my sin

Bolsonaro expressed during his particular homily at the Church of Nueva Esperanza, that while he was president he asked God what his "sin" would have been to be carrying out a position that only caused him "problems", he can be heard saying in a series of videos published by the Metropoles portal.

“Sometimes you don't remember that you had a wife. It's true. You come home and she is sleeping or when she went out, I was the one who was sleeping, ”he recalled in relation to her partner, Michelle Bolsonaro.

He took the opportunity to protest the salary he has been receiving while he was president of Brazil, stating that one does not access the position to be financially rewarded.

Does anyone know how much my salary was in December of last year? 33 thousand reais, that's 6 thousand dollars. It's worth it?.

At the same time, He criticized the pressure he received from "several political parties" that wanted to occupy a ministry, "It has always been like that in Brazil and it is now."

"Setting up a ministry is not (...) 'I love you'. First, you have to see if the person is qualified. See if he accepts because being a minister is not so gratifying when it comes to salary (…) If you compare my ministers with those who preceded me and those who are at this moment, the difference is enormous ”.

Still no date to return to Brazil

While Bolsonaro extends his stay in the United States with no scheduled date for his return to Brazil, Investigations against him continue for various reasons.some related to his attacks on the institutions and the electoral system, about which he was sowing doubt even when he expired in 2018.

Before his return, he is scheduled to participate in Washington alongside former President Donald Trump at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) from March 1-4. (Europe Press)

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