Missing money, unscheduled vouchers and inconsistent payrolls: the new irregularities in the petty cash of the Ministry of Housing

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Chifa banquets, Creole food, desserts and food supplements: The excesses in the petty cash of the Ministry of Housing. (Video: Final Point)

The Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation remains at the center of questions for the apparent and incorrect management of public resources when we find ourselves in a serious economic crisis. About a month ago, the program Final point revealed that the portfolio led by Hania Pérez de Cuéllar would use the petty cash - which aims to cover only urgent unscheduled expenses - to buy food in chifas, Creole restaurants, desserts and food supplements.

However, this would not be the only irregularity on this matter in the portfolio of living place. Infobae Peru accessed an ex officio guidance report from the Comptroller General of the Republicissued last October 30, which reports more facts that were found regarding the use of petty cash and that should be seriously investigated by the relevant authorities in order to establish administrative responsibilities.

The auditing entity verified that Money had disappeared from the sector's petty cash, the value of which is S/80,000. Specifically, it was not found the sum of S/ 1,004.95 when the audit of accounts was carried out. It is mentioned that Carla Olcese Careerthe one in charge of safeguarding the funds in the Ministry of living place, did not support the cash shortage. On the contrary, the official signed and agreed to the minutes that were drawn up.

The document also details that the representatives of the Comptroller's Office discovered the existence of eight vouchers for advance travel expenses - the amount of which was S/ 8,950.00 - that were not scheduled and had been granted outside the established 48-hour period.

New irregularities in the management of the Ministry of Housing's petty cash.
New irregularities in the management of the Ministry of Housing's petty cash.

Furthermore, it was delivered two vouchers that exceeded the maximum amount limit, which is S/ 990. The beneficiaries were José Vásquez Acevedo and Francisco La Torre Nuñez. The first was given S/ 1,400, while the second received S/ 3,600.

“There was no evidence of the authorization of a provisional voucher, with the corresponding signatures that authorize the advances of travel expenses and supporting documentation that provides justified reasons regarding payments for amounts greater than those indicated in the directive,” the report reads.

On the other hand, the report of the control body notes that in the Ministry of Housing They would not have adequately recorded the advances of unscheduled travel expenses ―that came out of petty cash― through the Treasury Office. This could cause failure to comply with deadlines for the delivery of funds and would pose a risk to transparency, management and correct use.

Finally, the Comptroller found a series of inconsistencies in the mobility forms of nine sector officials because they are “registered for days on different dates of the service provided by a third party (taxi), which leads to a constant risk for compliance with the deadlines of the resource granted and rendered, the modality of which distorts the use of petty cash whose cash funds are for small and urgent expenses that must be paid quickly.”

The petty cash of the Ministry of Housing would not be used correctly.
The petty cash of the Ministry of Housing would not be used correctly.

In the conclusion, it is recommended that the document be sent to Minister Pérez de Cuéllar so that she can take the corresponding actions in order to safeguard the resources of her sector.

Infobae Peru sought the opinion of experts regarding the new irregularities found in the petty cash of the Ministry of Housing.

The criminal lawyer Mario Amoretti He stated that the Attorney General's Office should open a preliminary investigation ex officio against those responsible for the alleged crime of fraudulent embezzlement, whose custodial sentence is not less than 4 nor more than 8 years according to the Penal Code.

“These types of events are repeated in different State institutions. As long as drastic measures are not taken to punish bad officials, criminal acts will continue with total impunity," added the former dean of the Lima Bar Association.

He director of the Private Anti-Corruption Council, Eduardo Herreratold this medium that these revealing details of the petty cash in the Housing portfolio confirm the poor management and contempt that some officials have for human resources.

Lawyers Mario Amoretti and Eduardo Herrera believe that the Prosecutor's Office should initiate an investigation into the irregular use of the Ministry of Housing's petty cash.
Lawyers Mario Amoretti and Eduardo Herrera believe that the Prosecutor's Office should initiate an investigation into the irregular use of the Ministry of Housing's petty cash.

“The important thing is that an investigation begins, but this happens every day. What we need to know is how it will end and if there will be an exemplary sanction,” he noted.

The expert considered that the amount of expenses incurred does not matter, but that there is a question of principles so that there is a precedent for a petty cash box not to become a black box.

"The petty cash It represents a resource of money for minor expenses such as tickets, travel expenses, some urgent contracts, but it does not imply that it is an open account and not accountability. “It is an urgent and unexpected expense,” he concluded.

It must be remembered that when the first irregularities in the management of the petty cash, the Minister of Housing, Hania Pérez de Cuéllar, avoided speaking publicly. Its management was only limited to approving a directive, which establishes mechanisms to limit the use of public resources by servers.

“Only the consumption of food (snacks) for work meetings and/or work due to service needs will be considered as eligible expenses charged to the fund,” says the document to avoid further excessive expenses in chifas, Creole restaurants, desserts and food supplements. when going through a serious economic recession.

On the other hand, the Congress of the Republic had the intention of bringing Pérez de Cuéllar to account before the Oversight Commission, whose presidency is in the hands of Wilson Quispe (Free Peru). However, so far there is nothing concrete about requiring the presence of the member of the cabinet led by the premier. Alberto Otarolawho has not commented on the issue either.

Infobae Peru It required the sector's release, but at the close of this note no response was obtained.

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