Miss Trinidad and Tobago renounces her crown… Due to lack of money!

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Venezuelan immigrant Mileidy Materano, elected Miss Grand Trinidad and Tobago to represent the archipelago in the Miss Grand International contest, renounces his crown "due to lack of resources"said his lawyer.

The reign's production informed Materano's "personal manager" that he had to "finance her trip to the competition in Vietnam" and that if she didn't, "her reign would end and her crown would go to the first runner-up," said her lawyer Wayne. Sturge.

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Given the circumstances and due to the lack of means "he will formally withdraw," he continued.

He wishes to ensure that his decision was not influenced in any way by any other consideration,” the lawyer said regarding Materano's resignation.

Sector sources indicate that Normally, those chosen have sponsors that finance the trip.

Materano's victory in the Miss Great Trinidad and Tobago 2023 contest, which was held on September 10, generated criticism on social networks, where some Trinidadians did not accept that a "foreigner" represented their country and immediately asked for the resignation of the Venezuelan

The organizers, however, assured that their choice complied with the rules of the contest.

Social media users too They criticized the young 29-year-old modelwho has lived in Trinidad for more than six years, for not knowing the country's motto:

Discipline, tolerance, production", motto that Materano was asked on a radio program.

Event organizers have not commented on who will wear the crown in the competition.

Venezuelan immigrants

Trinidad and Tobago, a small country of 1.4 million inhabitants, is home to about 60 thousand Venezuelan immigrantsaccording to official figures, although estimates by NGOs and politicians raise the number to 120 thousand.

The majority emigrated starting in 2013 due to the serious economic crisis that Venezuela is going through, which saw its GDP contract by 80% in ten years. According to the United Nations, around 7 of Venezuela's 30 million people have left the country.

Immigrants arrive daily from Venezuela, whose nearest coast is about ten kilometers from the southern tip of the main island of Trinidad.

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Various international beauty pageants are organized around the world. Miss World 2023 will take place in December in India, and Miss Universe 2023 is scheduled for November in El Salvador.

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With information from AFP.


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