Miss Nepal gave a plus to the contest

Miss Nepal gave a plus to the contest
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Miss Universe 2024 held its preliminary rounds on Wednesday night and the person who won the recognition was the Nepalese Jane Dipika Garrett, the first plus-size model to participate in the beauty pageant.

All thanks to the fight to eradicate beauty stereotypes led the pageant to reform its policies and rules, including the opportunity to participate regardless of physical complexion, age, marital status and identity, that is, in the latter, that transgender women also You can request registration from 2018.

In fact, for this 72nd edition, Rikkie Kollé (Netherlands) and Marina Machete (Portugal) are two representatives of the trans community, joining Ángela Ponce as the only three in the history of Miss Universe.

Miss Nepal won the love of many fans by demonstrating confidence and determination during her presentation in El Salvador, where the final contest will be held on Saturday, wearing a silver swimsuit with her representative sash.

According to the Miss Universe website itself, she wore an outfit designed by Rubin Singer and the shoes were provided by José Joaquín Bragais. Both dressmakers were in charge of dressing all the contenders and showing off their most characteristic features, which is why they got a 10 with the Nepalese woman.

Loves taking care of children

Throughout her triumphant path, the broadcast's narrator explained that Jane is 22 years old, graduated as a nurse and usually works with babies and children. She also announced that she suffers from polycystic ovary, a condition with symptoms ranging from irregular menstruation, acne and obesity, according to specialized pages, critics of the contest and influencers focused on beauty issues.

Before becoming the talk of social networks, she was part of the group of models that visited the Benjamin Bloom Children's Hospital, the most important and modern children's hospital in all of Central America.

I am very excited to be able to talk to the doctors and all the child patients. I am a nurse, so, for me, it is very exciting, because I love taking care of people,” she explained, according to the official X account of the contest.

The hospital serves 500 thousand children annually. Throughout their visit, the 85 participants were able to share time with the little ones, help them do homework, teach them how to color, and talk with some of the parents who were present during this altruistic visit.

Jane conducted an interview with the Colombian newspaper Time in which he highlighted that it is difficult for him to lose weight, but he has learned to accept himself as he is.

Her presence in Miss Universe made her social networks grow exponentially, since in just 24 hours she surpassed 100,000 followers from all over the world.

Portales placed the Nepalese among the favorites to take the crown this year and precisely one of the contenders who made it into the best 10 is the representative of Mexico, Melissa Flores.

Dipika Garrett is also an entrepreneur, supports the promotion of hormonal and psychological health, in addition to being an ambassador for the movement body positivewhich is precisely the acceptance of bodies regardless of their complexion or supposed standards set by society.

She was chosen as Miss Nepal on September 9, almost at the same time as the tricolor representative, who, by the way, stated that she was proud to represent the country in an edition in which there was already more acceptance and diversity.

The winner, who will be announced on Saturday night, will be the successor to the throne of R'Bonney Gabriel, the controversial American model who won the crown last year and whose reputation is not so good, as many people He said the aspiring fashion designer is supposedly not as nice as she appeared on TV.

Miss Universe held another of her typical galas last night in which Dipika Garret was also expected to wear the The Path of Peace dress, whose cage that encloses a dove to release it as a sign of global and local peace, was one of the most anticipated of the traditional evening

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