Misogynistic comments by Trump-endorsed GOP candidate come to light


A demonstrator holds a banner during a protest that reads “Keep calm and say no to sexism”.


John Gibbscandidate for Congress of the Michigan Republican Party and who is being endorsed by former President Donald Trump, is in the midst of a great controversy for his misogynistic comments in which he attacks women’s suffrage and their presence at work.

CNN, who discovered Gibbs’s blog posts from when he was a student at Stanford in the early 2000s, have created a huge scandal just a week before voters begin casting their ballots by mail.

“Some argue that in a democratic society it is hypocritical or unfair that women, who are 50% of the population, do not have the right to vote,” Gibbs argued. “This is obviously not true, since the founding fathers, who understood freedom and democracy better than anyone else, did not believe it. Also, all persons under the age of 18 cannot vote, although they also constitute an important part of the population. So we cannot say that women should be able to vote simply because they are a large part of the population.”

“I am a woman and it did not provoke me,” Gibbs spokesperson

And he even said that female participation in politics has affected the United States: “Therefore, we conclude that increasing the size and scope of government is unequivocally bad. And since women’s suffrage has caused this to happen on a larger scale than any other cause in history, we conclude that the United States has suffered as a result of women’s suffrage.”

Anne Marie Schreiber, a spokeswoman for the Gibbs campaign, said that Gibbs has never believed that women should not be in the workplace.: “I know provocative writing when I see it and I think other people will understand it too. I am a woman and it did not provoke me. In fact, he amused me, meeting John.”

Schreibe was also relieved to learn that blog posts won’t hurt Gibbs’s chances among women who vote in the district because “intelligent women will understand the context.”

While Gibbs’s spokeswoman assures that the candidate’s words are not provocative, Democrat Hillary Scholten’s spokeswoman, Larkin Parker, described the Republican candidate’s comments as “abhorrent and totally indefensible” because “she wants to return women to the dark ages and strip them of the rights that they have worked so hard to achieve.”

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