'Misileras', this is the story of loggerhead bags

'Misileras', this is the story of loggerhead bags
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Something that characterizes Mexicans is their ingenuity and creativity to make things easier. An example of them was the creation of the 'missiles', originating from Mérida, Yucatán, a product that beer loversspecifically the loggerheads, they will love. Here we tell you What are they and what is their history?.

A product called 'missiles', which is created especially for the 'loggerheads' or 'missiles'how do you say Meridathose huge containers that contain beerbut what does it consist on?

Origin of the 'missiles' of Mérida

The 'missiles' are some grocery bagstraditionally known in Mérida as 'sabucanes', which are created with plastic thread. However, this new product, created by an enterprising woman named Silvia Alonsohas something different, because it has divisions insidewith the purpose of prevent loggerheads or beers from ringing when they collide each other.

He origin of these 'missile' or 'caguamera' bagsit was due to the pandemic, since Silvia Alonso, who worked in a gym, had to find another way to earn income, when sports centers had to close. This is the story, as she explained it in an interview with Imagen Noticias.

“I have a gym here in Ciudad Caucel. Due to the pandemic, all the gyms closed and my sister and I decided to start decorating sabucanes. We went to the city center, bought sabucanes and started uploading them to the Face. So, we have beer stores as clients and that is why we started with the design of these bags, baptized as 'missiles' and thanks to social networks they have become a 'boom,'" explained the creator of the missiles. .

After creating a resounding success linked to Mexican cultural traditions and practices, such as beer consumption in loggerhead on weekends, on a hot afternoon. The woman added a slogan which delighted Internet users, which he plans to add to the design of the 'missiles'.

"We are working on the design, now, so that it is by Marivana Sabucanes and put phrases on them, like the one I mentioned in the video, 'so that your loggerhead doesn't sound, ne'," he added.

Success of the 'missiles' throughout Mexico

The creator of the 'missiles', hit the nail on the head for a need of Mexicans, who worry that their loggerheads or beer missiles break when transporting them from stores to your home. In fact, this product has been so popular that in different states of the Republic and even other countries already request it.

“It started from the south to the north. Chiapas, Oaxaca, Minatitlán; They already told me about Altamira, Sonora, Tijuana. So, from all over the country, basically and I already had a call from Belize. I still do not believe it. We have a waiting list, precisely because of the production,” said the creator of the 'missiles', after explaining what they are and their history.

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