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The mugshot of Donald Trump, prisoner PO1135809, in the Fulton prison is historic and will already be appearing on our t-shirts like the one with the face of Pablo Escobar or Charles Manson. Assassins no longer hide or disguise. Everything is light and our laughter. We are in homicidal times in which crossing green is just an opinion. Our ability to manage fear with a spasm of a smile may be due to a defense mechanism. Although it is also possible that many people have simply stopped pretending and want terror, because their entire existence has an apocalyptic video game dynamic, where whoever plays kills what they want and whoever is playing can never die.

Former US President Donald Trump in his mugshot


In January 2016 Trump declared: 鈥淚 have the most loyal people. You could shoot people on Fifth Avenue and you wouldn't lose votes." For a guy as compulsively a liar like him, that's rigorously true. Trump and all the clones he spawned believe in that. But the worst thing is that there are millions of people who wouldn't mind if someone put order in his terror of the future, in the paranoid harassment in which he lives, in that programmed obsolescence of privileges and prejudices. Even clearer: there are millions of people in the world who wouldn't mind if his leader shot up Fifth Avenue in his city, that she cleaned up the country of him. The extreme right has always been about that. Who leads it in all our countries dreams of that massacre -real or symbolic-. Who also votes for them but prefers to entrust the matter to others, hide behind any smokescreen. Either that or, honestly, they have made a mistake with the vote.

The instantly iconic photo of Trump in Fulton shows the man in the colors of the American flag (blue eyes, red tie, white shirt). He is serious, angry, the usual elephantine Angry Bird, showing the strength of lies when the truth is only oneself. The facts don't matter. It only matters what you want. Trump is a leader for these times where it doesn't matter what is true and what is false. Hence, the ridiculousness of the pirouettes of those who advocate Artificial Intelligence without controls or limits because Trump is precisely that, he is already here, a crazy elephant designed by a political, economic and social system, which answers to no one, who doesn't respect anything, who doesn't even know what you're talking about.

If we look carefully at that photograph, the look powerfully calls our attention. One eye more open than the other. Let's forget it's Trump. That look could be that of a crazed criminal who believed in the alien invasion, who heard voices and doesn't know why he shot up on Fifth Avenue or why he didn't do it sooner or why he doesn't do it every week. His anger is forced but he knows who he is addressing and that the nation he wants to become president of again is a mythical country, built from, on, and on legend. And in this one, a good legion of outlaws turned into heroes because they did not respect the laws of the pack, murderous psychopaths who exterminated whoever stood between them and what they wanted, what corresponded to them for divine, hedonistic or market reasons. The United States lives as a chosen nation. God bless you. And as a chosen people, from time to time, someone sets himself up as a prophet and an angel

exterminator if only to save his ass so he can continue to make a ton more money.

Trump's head in the photo is tilted forward, like a bull about to charge, and who knows, it might just end up being his presidential propaganda photo. For his people, everything Trump does must be done. Lies and alternative truths he must tell because the truth no longer matters. What matters is the essential. And the essential thing is Travis in his yellow taxi dreaming of a rain that washes away the garbage of this world, which coincides with everyone else except me, the user of this technological application that we continue to call Life. There's nothing in that mugshot we don't already know. That it does not sound like what we have been living so close to, in Catalonia and Spain. In all Europe. Only a strong and legalistic judicial system like the one in the United States can stop Trump. At the moment, all the legal actions seem like leashes that the Minotaur is breaking. If Trump gets out of the labyrinth, all his voters -and ours to Trumpist parties- will be responsible for what happens on the different Fifth Avenues of our cities.

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