Minor dies and five others injured in shootings in DC

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A teenager was killed Friday and several other minors were shot and wounded during a series of shootings over the weekend in Washington, DC.

Metropolitan Police reported Friday that a person shot into a group of people in NW DC, killing 15-year-old Makai Green.

Detectives are searching for a car reportedly linked to the fatal shooting that occurred in an alley in the 700 block of N Street near the Washington Convention Center.

Police released video footage of the suspect and a vehicle of interest, a Mercedes. That person, who got out of a silver Mercedes with tinted windows, walked past a group of people on the sidewalk, entered the alley and fired at a specific group of people that included the teen. He then ran down the street toward the vehicle he was waiting for, DC Police Deputy Chief Andre Wright said Friday.

Two other teenagers were shot in broad daylight in front of the King Greenleaf Recreation Center in the 1200 block of First Street Southwest just before 3:30 pm on Friday the 4th. The venue is near Nationals Stadium.

Officers located the victims, who were transported to an area hospital; they were conscious and breathing, but the extent of their injuries is unknown.

Metropolitan Police are searching for a red or maroon Toyota Rav4 with Maryland tags as a result of the incident.

The double shooting brings to five the total number of minors shot in the District since Friday.

"However, it's very sad, I don't like it. There are kids here and they don't give a damn. They don't care”, a worried grandmother told the press who said she had heard “about ten shots” from her house. She has been living in the area for a decade and, for the first time, is considering buying a gun to protect herself and her family.

The double shooting occurred as DC voters were casting their first ballots, in early voting.

On October 4, another shootout between two groups shattered the front window of the same King Greenleaf Recreation Center, while about 20 children under the age of 12 practiced soccer inside. In this case there were no injuries, but it caused great alarm in the neighborhood and among the authorities.

Anyone with related information is asked to call the Metropolitan Police at 202-727-9099.

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