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The citizens of Minneapolis, a city of Minnesota in the United States (USA) mobilized again as they did in 2020 with the murder of George Floyd, in protest against police brutality, this time for the murder of the past Wednesday of an African American during an operation.


The United States registers a new case of police violence

Local police officers from the elite SWAT team shot down Amir Locke, a 22-year-old African American, while searching his home in Saint Paul.

Body-worn camera video at the time of the incident illustrates officers opening the door and barging into the home unannounced while Locke is lying on a couch under a blanket. When moving, it is seen that he has a gun in his hand and a police officer did not take long to shoot at least three times.

Locke's father, Andre Locke, told the media Friday that his son "freaked out" and did what "any reasonable law-abiding citizen would do to protect himself."

Locke's relatives said they believe the victim was startled when an officer kicked over a couch in the apartment and didn't realize who was inside when he grabbed the gun. Locke did not have a criminal record, he had a license and a permit to carry the weapon, according to his family.

After the fact, a forensic analysis found that Locke "died of multiple gunshot wounds" and that the manner of death is a homicide.


Local media specified that, despite the fact that the protests on Friday interrupted the streets with a caravan of cars, those on Saturday took place peacefully. Citizens demanded justice for Locke and for "all stolen lives."

“He didn't deserve to have his life taken from him the way they did. Why couldn't my son bury me?" Said the father of the deceased who was also at the march, according to local media reports.

Several of the protesters this Saturday were also protagonists of the demonstrations in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, capital of Minnesota, after the murder of Floyd.

For its part, the Minneapolis Police Department confirmed that the shots came from officer Mark Hanneman, who joined the SAT in 2020 and had four complaints on his file, three of them closed without disciplinary punishment, according to local media.

Hanneman is on administrative leave with payroll while the murder is investigated.

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