Ministry of the Interior does not act before PNP generals accused of paying Pedro Castillo for promotion

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Minister Vicente Romero indicated that he will take action against the PNP generals who were promoted for bribing former President Pedro Castillo.

The Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) announced that it was going to take action against the police chiefs of Lime and Callao, Roger Perez Figueroa and Jorge Luis Castillo Vargaswho would be involved in the case of irregular promotions that occurred during the government of the imprisoned former president Pedro Castillo.

"Today [lunes] We are going to make the decision (on the situation of the officers) when we already have the response from the Public Ministry, especially from the generals who have been, precisely, commented on in the different media (of communication)”, said the minister Vincent Romero.

The member of the cabinet Alberto Otárola He also added that he will deliver a report on the process involving the two senior officers of the National Police of Peru (PNP).

"(A report) has been requested to see at what level the two generals are involved in these investigations to make decisions," he said. Rosemary to the media.

Thesis of the Prosecutor's Office to have influence in the promotion processes of the PNP.
Thesis of the Prosecutor's Office to have influence in the promotion processes of the PNP.

In the constitutional complaint filed by the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, against the former president castillo it is indicated that he promoted ten PNP colonels to have control of the institution, which began with the appointment of javier gallardo in the general command in September 2021 after meetings in the Government Palace, and to guarantee the escape of the members of his criminal organization in case justice dictates any detention measure.

“Copar the police headquarters in all the border areas of the country, with the clear objective that, in the face of adverse circumstances in which members of this criminal group had to be secretly removed from the country, such as possible personal precautionary measures against these, can make these actions viable under the protection of the police authority itself ”, reads the document to which Infobae Peru agreed.

Gallant followed the order of Terrones Castle to modify promotion criteria. In fact, the ex-commander of the PNP would have “promoted the preparation of a directive that regulates the selection process, through which greater discretionary power is granted in the evaluations to the police high command, which could not occur in any other way than by raising the score of subjective indicators such as the personal interview ”.

The Promotion, Appointment, Benefits, Incentives and Payroll Production Division of the Directorate of Human Resources of the PNPwelcomed the idea of Gallant. So he prepared a proposal for a directive that included, in terms of the score assigned to the personal interview item, the assessment of thirty points as established in the 2020 promotion process.

The six PNP colonels who attended the Palace to meet with former President Pedro Castillo.
The six PNP colonels who attended the Palace to meet with former President Pedro Castillo.

However, Gallant raised two objections that were in line with what the former president castillo sought to influence the promotions of the PNP: the score proposed for the personal interview had to go from thirty points to fifty points and in the interview, each applicant had to present a topic that was selected at random [de un total de treinta y cinco temas]which would be defined by the General Staff.

In the midst of the approval of the new directive for promotions within the PNP, former President Castillo argued with colonels at the Executive headquarters. Initially there were the following five: Enrique Antonio Goycochea Chunga, Roger Pérez Figueroa, Nicasio Zapata Súclupe, Manuel Jesús Rivera López and Jorge Luis Castillo Vargas.

Two weeks before the end of the promotion process within the PNP, Castillo would have ordered Bruno Pachecoformer presidential secretary, to receive from the non-commissioned officer brigadier Jorge Tarrillowho was a member of the presidential escort and an alleged person of confidence, a list containing six names of colonels from said institution who were applying to be generals to be delivered to the then commander javier gallardo in order to benefit them during the interviews they hold.

However, the aforementioned group of officers also included the Colonels PNP Rodolfo Villanueva Nole, Eginardo Pérez Chávez, Fredy Aristo Del Carpio León, Max Henry García Esquivel and Edward Rando Espinoza López.

Bribes handed out by PNP colonels for promotion.
Bribes handed out by PNP colonels for promotion.

No colonel was promoted on his own merits, but by bribing Castillo.

“Each officer seeking promotion to the rank of General of the National Police would have paid sums of between twenty thousand and forty thousand US dollars, in favor of the then President of the Republic, José Pedro Castillo Terrones, to obtain his promotion; money that would have been collected by the non-commissioned brigadier of the Peruvian National Police, Jorge Tarrillo Gálvez [miembro de la escolta presidencial y supuesta persona de confianza del jefe de Estado]who would have played the role of "cashier" within the criminal organization, in the framework of the acts of corruption deployed by it in the promotion process of the National Police 2021 [promoción 2022]police cash that later delivered to the president Castillo Terrones the money obtained as a result of the illegal acts, which would have occurred a week prior to the result of the promotions of the National Police, that is, approximately between November 08 and 14, 2021 ″, reads the tax thesis.

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