Miniso takes to the streets to attract more loyal customers

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Miniso, store japanese of personal and household items, goes out at streets to earn more cclientsbut also make them loyal to the company.

Carla Gómez, director of creativity and content at Minisoexplained that they are looking to increase the number of loyal customers to your program MinisoLovewith which they create a base of consumers loyal to the chain of stores.

They will do outdoor activities, consisting of games, contests, prizes and concerts. | Special
They will do outdoor activities, consisting of games, contests, prizes and concerts. | Special

To do this, they will do activities outside, which consist in games, contests, prizes and concertsall under the context of the brand's products, mainly in their Blind Box (surprise boxes) to attract more loyal customers.

  • Their goal is, by the end of 2023overcome the million subscribers in its loyalty program, started in 2021.

Their first experience was in Pushkin Park in Mexico City, but they carry out various activities of this type throughout the capital, and they do not rule out implementing it in other places in the Republic.

"This is our first experience of this type, especially (after the) pandemic (...) We decided that we wanted to surprise our MinisoLovers (...) We are already almost a million. The program is relatively new and has given incredible results."he highlighted in an interview with MILLENNIUM.

Gomez highlighted that they decided to highlight their products in this plan. Blind Boxsince the boxes They have great popularity on social networks; These are surprise toys where you don't know which figure you might get.

'Blind Box' are surprise toy boxes; anything can touch you. | Special
'Blind Box' are surprise toy boxes; anything can touch you. | Special

They currently have collaborations with disney, Sanrioamong other brands.

"In order to talk about the Blind Box With our subscribers, we knew we had to surprise them in their same language. That is why we decided to bring people together, so that they are surprised by everything (...) This is a very important category for us as a brand in Mexico, In Latin America we want to bet on it completely"he expressed.

Miniso It will also aim to attract these groups of collectors to its Facebook community, so that, through its platforms, they feel safe and connect with each other to talk about the products and exchange them.

Just as with Golden Tickets that are inside the boxes with great prizes for your community between September and October.


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