Mining Law that nationalizes lithium in Mexico reaches the Senate after being approved in the Chamber of Deputies


Chamber of Deputies of Mexico approves nationalization of lithium and passes to the Senate.

Photo: Chamber of Deputies / EFE

The Senate of Mexico received for its analysis, discussion and vote, the text of a reform to the Mining Law that nationalizes lithiumhours after its approval in the Chamber of Deputies, informed the president of the Upper House, Olga Sánchez Cordero.

The initiative on lithium, proposed by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, declares the exploration, exploitation and use of lithium to be of public utility.

In addition, it seeks that there are no concessions or contracts for the exploitation of lithium and establishes that this is the sole responsibility of the State, which will create a decentralized body for this purpose.

In a message on social networks, Sánchez Cordero indicated that the document containing the text approved in the Chamber of Deputies “It was turned over to commissions for their analysis and corresponding opinion. Later it will be analyzed and voted on in the plenary session” of the Senate.

This Monday, April 18, 2022, the Mexican Chamber of Deputies approved in general and in particular, with changes, the initiative that reforms and adds various precepts of the Mining Law proposed by the President of Mexico, in matters of exploration, exploitation and use of lithium.

The approval was promoted by the bloc of the ruling National Regeneration Movement (Morena, left) and its alliesless than 24 hours after the failure of the controversial constitutional reform of the energy sector also promoted by López Obrador.

The parliamentary coordinator of Morena in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, told the media that the legislative majority in that chamber will support the Executive’s project to reform the Mining Law and recognize lithium as a national heritage.

He affirmed that Morena in the Senate will act accordingly, with tolerance and respect for the parties that are minorities, but “asserting” their majority” to approve the reform of the Mining Law.

We are convinced that lithium should be a mineral reserved for the StateMonreal stressed.

The initiative has created controversy because the company with Chinese capital Bacanora Lithium now has a concession in Sonora, in the northwest, which would allow it to extract 35,000 tons of lithium carbonate per year.

This is considered one of the largest mineral deposits in the world, with 8.8 million equivalent tons with reserves that would last 250 years.

But López Obrador reiterated that his government will not allow foreigners to exploit lithium even if they have prior concessions.

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